What Best Vintage Backpacks Preserved in Fashion?

image_10-27-45_05800_20-01-2016“Slow dancing, swaying to the music.” “What’s that?” you may ask. Well, it’s a lyric to an old song. That’s not just an old song, though. That’s what we call “classic.” What does this mean? For a song recognized as classical, this means that it still stirs the hearts of most people in spite of the urbanized world we live in. It’s something known as “vintage.” Personally, I have a deep appreciation for things people see just as an old stuff. Whenever my eye catches designs of vintage relativity, I can see history in them. And by seeing history, I mean, I can see a story in them. A story that could tell us a lot about certain things of the past.

I even have a thing for vintage scooters. There are sparks in my eyes every time I see one. I also have a backpack with a touch of vintage design in it.

When you look at vintage backpacks, you can see their color is mostly close to natural. It’s often either black or brown or gray, possibly with a hint of red. That feels somewhat refreshing. Today, you will learn of best vintage backpacks.

I will help you see their beauty

What are some of the benefits of using this type of backpacks?

  • Well, as I’ve told you, their colors are mostly natural which makes you feel closer to nature.
  • I had vintage backpacks and they were really durable. I never experienced any tears. However, while the manufacturers provide warranty, the owner is also responsible for taking care of his or her backpack. “Handle it with care.”
  • They are also great for hiking.
  • Rather stylish, if you ask me. I’m confident would admire your backpack.
  • This type of backpacks has this “homey” feel…

vintage-style-clothing-2There are some cons to using this bag type. It’s not ideal. For instance, you could use such bags for hiking, but if you’re planning to camp for days, it wouldn’t be ideal to use one since you would need a lot of stuff. This type of bags has few compartments. However, if you’re good at arranging things, such a backpack will perfectly work for you.

If you’re looking for some great vintage backpacks, well, Amazon has a lot to offer. I will make reviews on five different backpacks to assist you in choosing the product that would work best for you. I will provide the links for easy access.

Here are the top 5 of Best Vintage Backpacks

1. Hiker 14″ Tall Cowhide Full Leather Backpack L03

  • Hiker 14 Tall Cowhide Full Leather Backpack L03Since it’s a compact type of bag, things inside can be arranged with a breeze.
  • The dimensions are 14″ x 13″ x 4.3″. It pretty much gives you the idea that you can only put necessary stuff in it.
  • Can be converted to a sling bag. Quite stylish as well.
  • Made from genuine leather. This ensures that you’re getting a high-quality product. I’m confident that it will last for years.
  • Tough, firm, good-looking. Great characteristics to reflect your personality.
  • You might even feel that you’re in an adventurous movie.
  • Has 3 straps belt-buckle fasteners for security.

As of its disadvantages, it’s not a big backpack. You won’t be able to put too much stuff in it. Also, the 3 straps belt-buckle fasteners would make the access hard if you’re in a hurry. Of course, you could choose to fasten just a single one rather than all three.

If, however, you need a big backpack, you really should check out travel backpacks. However, they certainly don’t look vintage.

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2. Gootium 21101 Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack Rucksack

  • Gootium 21101 Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack RucksackThis one is bigger in size. Interior dimensions are 13.3″ x 8.7″ x 17.7″
  • Has 3 pockets outside. This is great for organizing your thing and gaining easy access to it.
  • Can accommodate 17-inch laptops inside and a 7-inch tablet in the front pocket.
  • Made from soft material which is 100% cotton. I think I can use this as a pillow for emergency purposes.
  • Available in many colors, just perfect to suit your taste.
  • The padded shoulder straps are great for added comfort.
  • Has two belt-buckle straps to secure your things.

Since this bag doesn’t have a hard bottom, it tends to sag if you carry a heavy load in it.

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3. Kenox Vintage College Backpack School Bookbag Canvas Laptop Backpack

  • Kenox Vintage College Backpack School Bookbag Canvas Laptop BackpackJust like the first one, this bag is compact. However, it’s not made of a hard material such as leather.
  • Comes in two colors.
  • Made of soft materials one of which is canvas.
  • As for the design, it’s simple yet classic.
  • The backpack does have the refreshing feel in it. It would be great to use wherever you’re going. It could be at school, work or when you’re going out with your friends.
  • The straps aren’t made from hard materials which keep you at ease with your shoulders.
  • Has one zippered pocket outside the bag which gains you easy access for your necessary items.
  • Inside, it has a divider where you can put your laptops.
  • The size is, 15″H x 12″L x 6″ W. These are the exterior dimensions of the bag. That gives us the idea of the amount of stuff it can carry.

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4. Gootium 30205 Canvas Full Grain Leather Backpack For 15.6″ Laptop

  • Gootium 30205 Canvas Full Grain Leather Backpack For 15.6 LaptopThis one also comes in two colors. It has similarities in the design with the third one, however, it uses real leather in its flaps. The most part of the backpack is made of heavy density canvas.
  • Based on the photos, each color is available with two kinds of straps. One is padded and the other isn’t. Great convenience for the user.
  • The dimensions of the main compartment are 12.6″ X 3.9″ X 16.5″. A 15.6″ laptop can easily fit in. However, I would recommend using a sleeve for maximum protection.
  • It has a small compartment in the front which is great for easy access to your necessities such as ball pens or coins.
  • It also has two belt-buckle straps.

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5. Duluth Pack Rucksack Backpack

  • Duluth Pack Rucksack BackpackThe last backpack that I’m going to tell you about comes in many different colors. However, please note that the price might vary for different colors. If you want to save money, then choose khaki.
  • Its design is very different from the others. If the first backpack gives us the feel of the forest, the design of this backpack is kind of giving off the feel of medieval times. Very classic, isn’t it?
  • The inner space isn’t big. But it’s just enough if you carry a jacket/shirt, some snacks, water and a book. This pretty much gives you the idea of the space available inside.
  • Comes with one belt buckle strap and the front pocket is closed with a button snap.
  • The shoulder straps are pinned or riveted for extra durability.

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Bottom line

imagesAlright, it’s now time for me to give you a summary on the backpacks.

  • If you want that forest feel, go for the first one. It would work just fine.
  • If you’re looking for something bigger in size, then the second one is your choice!
  • If you’re looking for simplicity, then the third one would be great.
  • If you’re looking for simplicity but with more durability to it, the fourth one would be spot-on!
  • If, however, you want to experience that medieval “feel,” you would do well to choose the fifth bag.

Personally, if we’re talking about design, I would prefer the fifth one. However, I would be more comfortable with using the third one for functionality and simplicity purposes. Hopefully, my reviews were able to help you to make the decision of buying your vintage backpack. Choosing a vintage bag, keep in mind that once you own one it will only become more vintage with time.

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