Modern Backpacks

1. Passion Leather Men’s Backpack

Passion Leather Mens BackpackThe Passion Leather is a quality product.

The design is rather original, neat looking and useful.

The overall appearance is not similar to anything that I have seen before.

The adjustable strap is also worth mentioning, as it allows the bag to be used either as a backpack or as a shoulder bag.

The bag is made out of genuine leather, will not wear out easily, and is difficult to stain.

The price is a bit high, but if you like the bag’s interesting design. Certainly one can count on this product to last.

The backpack has an old fashioned look to it. It comes off as stylish to me, but some people might disagree. If it is used as a shoulder bag rather than as a backpack, the shoulder strap can become uncomfortable if too much weight is placed in the bag. On another level, when carried on the back, it remains comfortable even if it is filled with heavy textbooks.

Unfortunately, the product looks better as a shoulder bag than as a backpack and feels more comfortable as a backpack than as a shoulder bag.Passion Leather Mens Backpack


  • Distinctive design, very different from most modern backpacks
  • High quality, wear and tear proof materials
  • Can be used either as a shoulder bag or as a backpack


  • Not necessarily impressive enough for its price
  • Can be uncomfortable if used as a shoulder bag

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2.Lencca Quadra

Lencca QuadraThe Lencca Quadra is a very useful product if you are looking for a backpack that you can safely carry a laptop and other delicate digital products around in.

The main compartment contains straps that can hold a laptop in place and protect it from damage.

The side pockets are safe storage places for notebooks and other small digital products.

The number of pockets that the Lencca Quadra offers you is well above average. Those looking for a backpack with a large number of separate compartments will certainly not be disappointed.

One downside of the Lencca Quadra is that the leather will gradually stretch if a great deal of weight is placed in the bag on a regular basis. Anyone who is likely to stuff as many heavy objects into their backpack as possible might be better off purchasing a backpack known primarily for its durability.

The Lencca Quadra certainly won’t fall apart, but one can expect some stretching if too much weight is carried.

The one noticeable flaw should not keep you from buying the product if you like its appearance and features.Lencca Quadra

  • Very stylish look
  • A large number of well-placed pockets
  • Can be carried as a briefcase as well as worn as a backpack
  • Water resistant, to a greater extent than most waterproof modern backpacks


  • Durable enough for most people, but one will run into problems if a great deal of weight is regularly carried

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3. Orrinsports Polyester

The appearance of the Orrinsports Polyester may be unappealing to most people.

It is too colorful for most, with close to a dozen different colors used in its design. If you do like its colorful appearance, it is a cheap product with few flaws.

The backpack is certainly impressive as far as comfort goes. Even if the backpack is full of heavy objects, it feels light on the back.

The primary design is for camping, hiking, and travel. A travel backpack requires a comfortable design first and foremost, and the product does live up to this requirement.

An outdoor backpack should also be as waterproof as possible – and the Orrinsports Polyester does an above average job keeping its contents dry. The Orrinsports Polyester has a large capacity, and can easily contain a change or two of clothing or a large number of other items. The Orrinsports PolyesterOrrinsports Polyester does not include a padded laptop case and is not a good product for those intending to carry a laptop around safely.

If you do not have a problem with the appearance, it is worth buying for travel and camping purposes.

  • Only costs so cheap at the current point in time, very good quality for its price
  • Very large capacity
  • Waterproof
  • Specific pockets for water bottles


  • Color scheme may be unappealing to most
  • Could be improved by adding a few more pockets

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4. Mini Phlox

Mini PhloxLike other products by Lencca, the Mini Phlox can be used in multiple ways.

It can be used as a backpack, as a tote bag, or as messenger’s bag with some simple adjustments to the straps.

The Mini Phlox is reasonably cheap and a quality product that can be expected to last even if one is not very gentle with it.

Mini PhloxThe product is spacious and contains multiple pockets on the inside as well as on the outside of the backpack. Those looking to keep a variety of items separate from each other should consider the Mini Phlox.

The interior is just as water resistant as the exterior, so a bottle spilling inside of the backpack does not necessarily mean disaster for your books or electronics. On another level, the shape of the exterior pockets does make the appearance of the Mini Phlox less elegant than could have been the case.Mini Phlox


  • Lower price than most modern backpacks
  • Easily transformable from a backpack into a tote bag or a messenger’s bag
  • Waterproof inside as well as outside
  • Many pockets including a padded laptop compartment
  • Very durable


  • The appearance is decent but somewhat flawed

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5. Mlife Canvas Schoolbag

An excellent product, especially if its currently low price is taken into consideration.

Currently on sale, the Mlife Canvas Schoolbag is both a stylish and a functional product.

While not necessarily spacious enough for everyone, the backpack does provide a safe padded space for a large laptop as well as for books and other items.

The backpack is made mostly of canvas, and can appeal to people of both sexes.

Mlife Canvas SchoolbagAs well as being useful for college students, the backpack may be durable and spacious enough for some camping and tourism uses.

There are no interior pockets, but three outside pockets should be enough for most users.


  • Although designed primarily for students, the backpack also works well for other purposes
  • Very low price
  • Padded interior
  • Impressive appearance


  • Capacity is moderate, not enough for those who need a high capacity

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If you want to look modern, a modern backpack would surely be a nice addition to your style. Note that I say “addition”. A backpack alone isn’t enough to change your style for everyone to see, it shouldn’t clash with your clothes for instance unless you know how to make that work for your advantage. But it should contribute to your modern-person style a lot.

In case you don’t really appreciate the sheer utility of the backpacks I mentioned here, you can try out a vintage backpack. They look old-style, that’s the whole point, but everything new is well-forgotten old.

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