Best Waterproof Backpacks

guideImage940-camping-waterproofA rain might ruin your things. A waterproof backpack is a necessity for all outdoor lovers. They not only protect your electronic stuff such as mobile phones, cameras and GPS devices from the rain but also keep your food supplies from getting wet and soggy. Waterproof materials include polyurethane-coated nylon and waterproof tarpaulin. To keep everything as waterproof as possible, there is a thick lining on the inside of the backpack.

When you go for any outdoor trips, it is inevitable that there will be surprises, downpours, hail storms, thunderstorms or just a small, plain shower. It is at those times that you will be glad that you have this backpack to keep all your belongings. All your clothes and items would be safe from damage. This is very important as it is impossible to find stores when you are on an expedition.

Electronic items are high-value items and can easily be damaged by the slightest exposure to moisture. The waterproof fabric of such backpacks protects against moisture from entering the bag, thus providing complete security and cover for your valuable goods. You can even cross a river without having to worry about your belongings if you are equipped with a waterproof backpack.

Waterproof backpacks come with airtight zippers that ensure watertight protection. If thrown in water they can stay afloat thereby preventing even a drop of water from seeping through.

Online stores such as eBay and features a wide variety of such backpacks for you to choose from. They can be bought online and then shipped to your doorstep. Your usual adventure sports stores also carry them.

image_14-40-20_05919_29-01-2016Tips to Buy Waterproof Backpacks Online

The frequent and occasional travelers both need efficient backpacks and basic knowledge of backpacking. It completely depends on your tour type, itinerary, etc. You can buy the bags from the local market or from online stores. Through deciding to buy from online sellers, you get extra conveniences like reasonable pricing, more choices in terms of color, design, and brand. The e-commerce sites are now selling all kinds of travel essentials you need for your next trip. So, you can consider buying the waterproof duffel bag along with all other accessories.

image_14-39-51_05918_29-01-2016Choosing Waterproof Backpacks:

When you are preparing for the upcoming trip, you must consider buying ideal backpacks. Long trips will require a duffel bag like a big backpack to carry everything but the small trips can be planned with a tiny waist pack. So, the following aspects will help you deciding on which backpack will be perfect for your next trip.

Trip Length – Biking tours can range from an overnight to a week long tour. And the carrying capacity of your backpack also needs to be like that. Length, shape and capacity of the backpack vary completely. Also, it is affected by the weather conditions. You need to buy a waterproof duffel bag or bike bag as it offers complete protection to your valuables from rain and water. A 30L backpack can be ideal for an overnight or weekend trip. The multi-day trips may require a bag of 50L+ carrying capacity and a 70L+ backpack will be required for the extended trips.

9743053_f520Backpack Type – In fact, you cannot consider taking those heavy regular travel backpack with you on these trips. So, you need a special backpack with added conveniences and features. The backpacks available for the backpackers has many variations like climbing trips will require a uniquely shaped backpack that also come with special straps and backpack fit. Different treks and activities have their own requirements for choosing the right kind of backpack. You may not take this backpack to the swimming or hiking trips.

Personal Preferences – In terms of personal choices, you can consider buying a backpack of your favorite color and brand. Also, you can choose from a wide range of designs available in online stores. Through ordering in bulk, you can manage to have a similar type of backpacks for all your trip mates.

Comfort – The appropriate size and shape of the backpacks will add more comfort to your journey. Consider buying such backpack with ideal torso length, waist size, etc. You can also consider buying women or youth specific backpack those are engineered specifically to meet your comfort requirements.

Features – This backpack comes with some useful features like top-loading openings, top lid, and sleeping backpack compartments. You can also consider buying a backpack with additional pockets, side zipper, elasticized side pockets, ventilation and padding features.

When you are buying such backpack, you need not buy a rain cover for it additionally. Compare multiple products to find the ideal backpack for your tours.

Times when a Waterproof Backpack might come in handy

A Waterproof Backpack is perfect for the beach, you can pop what you like inside this Backpack and it’ll be well protected from the elements. Think about investing in a Waterproof Backpack for the beach it makes such a handy travel companion. Stash your beach towels, your cossie and anything else you want inside the Waterproof Backpack, it’ll be safe, secure and free from moisture.

Set sail with confidence

If sailing is your pastime a backpack will be essential to keep all your belongings dry. Set sail on a boat trip and your Backpack is the splash-proof product that keeps its contents totally dry.

Pop your camera inside the  Backpack and it’ll be good to go whenever you stumble across the perfect photo opportunity. Keep your MP3 inside the Waterproof Backpack safe within the confines of its own such backpack and moisture is never a problem.

A Waterproof Backpack is the ideal product for sailing enthusiasts who like to protect their gadgets from the elements.

image_14-43-09_05920_29-01-2016The benefits of Waterproof backpacks

Waterproof backpacks are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people want to be able to keep their phone, iPod, iPad, MP3 player and other electronic gadgets with them at all times in all weather conditions. Most electrical gadgets will break if they get wet. They may be fine in a light rain shower but if people want to use their phone around water or in more severe weather conditions they relay need to invest in high-quality waterproof cases or this backpacks. Most electrical devices cost a lot of money and they can easily get damaged. This is why it is important to choose high-quality reliable products when it comes to backpacks as you need a product that won’t let you down. Waterproof backpacks open up a whole new possibility of uses for electronic gadgets and phones. With these backpacks, people can use their phones in a swimming pool, in the sea, on board boats, on the ski slopes, in the rain and any other places where there is a risk of the phone or gadget getting wet.

image_13-31-13_05911_29-01-2016The range of such backpacks includes cases for phones, cameras, I-Pads, E-book readers, music players and VHF radio cases as well as multipurpose backpacks for all accessories. Many of these cases will float in water and come with accessories like neck ropes or belt clips. The backpacks for I Pads and e-book readers will let the user control the screen through the case so they are perfect for using while you relax in the swimming pool. The range of backpacks includes duffle backpacks, messenger backpacks, dry tube backpacks, dry flat backpacks, waist packs, dry pouches, adventure and urban backpacks, bike and kayak backpacks, camera waterproof backpacks and waterproof headphones.

Waterproof backpacks are ideal for beach, boat, water sports or just for everyday life. They come in many different shapes and sizes and will keep items free from dust, dirt, sand and water. Many backpacks are fully submersible and will float even if you were to drop them in water without any harm coming to the phone or electrical device sealed inside. Waterproof backpacks are must have items for anyone who wants to enjoy using their electrical equipment in more places without worry.

Choose the perfect backpack can be tricky.

Here’s  Top 5 of Best Waterproof Backpacks

1. The Skorch: The Ideal (Modern) Dry Pack

That one saved my iPhone and my shirt from falling into the Mekong river while kayaking in Lao. It’s a 30 liters simple dry bag. No pocket inside, so it can become a mess when you try to find your car keys between your shirt, watch, iPhone, sweatshirt, etc. Usually, this kind of backpack who are perfect for the beach have a weird design.

In my quest for the perfect bag, I fall in love with two. That one and the Unisex’s Travel Hiking. The Skorch: The Ideal (Modern) Dry PackThe white one is easy to clean, even if your travels take you to mangrove swamps. If you’re afraid to lose it, but don’t want to have an ugly yellow backpack, the green and blue version allows you to see it easily, even on the water.


  • A modern design
  • Fully waterproof: can be thrown into the water without damage.
  • Big enough to keep a small computer
  • Easy to clean.


  • Can only be used at the beach or for water sports activities (not comfortable for hiking and the design isn’t adapted for city)

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2.  The Voli Dry Bag: The Perfect Classic

I really wanted to show you that one because of the little details that make the difference.

When the Scorch has a stylish design, this one is more classical. Your equipment will also stay safe inside: even if your bag falls in the water, it will stay dry and float until you catch it.

The good thing about it is the strap on the top of the bag. If it falls in the water, this little thing will help you catch it much more easily than with the other one. It’s the perfect deal for sailors.The Voli Dry Bag: The Perfect Classic

The model is 20 liters. You can’t put a laptop inside – even a small one – but it’s good enough for you and your friends to put your stuff and keep them dry.


  • Fully waterproof: can be thrown into the water without damage.
  • A strap on the top makes it easy to carry and lift.
  • A small pocket on the bottom where you can put sunglasses or sunscreen without messing clothes with a wet hand.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Can only be used at the beach or for water sports activities (not comfortable for hiking and the design isn’t adapted for city)

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3. The Phantom Aquatics Walrus: For Biking And Hiking Under The Rain.

The first two bags are useful for water sports like sailing and kayaking. They’ve been designed for that and they do an awesome job. However, using them for hiking or biking will be less comfortable than that one.

It’s designed to look more like a usual backpack and is very comfortable to wear. You can use it best for hiking in places like Costa Rica or Thailand where tropical rain can hit you in a matter of minutes. The Phantom Aquatics Walrus: For Biking And Hiking Under The Rain.Your belongings will stay safe and dry inside it, no need to be annoyed by a tarpaulin.


  • Comfortable to wear with airflow design to avoid too much sweating
  • Totally waterproof and anti-dirt: it will stay dry under the tropical rain and in the water if you do some kayaking or sailing
  • Big enough to hold a computer, towels, clothes…


  • Take too much space to be really good for water sports.

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4. The OverBoard Waterproof Classic: For Gift

This one is a mix between the Phantom Aquatics Walrus and the two others. You can basically use it for everything.

It’s perfectly waterproof, even if it falls in the water, your belongings will stay dry. The OverBoard Waterproof Classic: For GiftIt regular design allow it to be comfortable, you can keep it with you all the time, without being annoyed by its shape.

There’s also multiple pockets inside and outside, you can put a bottle of water and get it without having to open the bag. That’s a good thing when you don’t want to put a wet hand inside and mess your clothes.

If you don’t know what to buy or the exact purpose, take that one.


  • Fully waterproof.

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5. The Unisex’s Travel Hiking: The New Classical Traveler’s Bag

As I said, I fall in love with two bags. For me, The Scorch is the ultimate dry bag, perfect for the beach,

kayaking, and sailing.

However, you can’t really use to take your computer from one place to another in a town. Go take a Mocha Latte in Starbuck and observe how people will look at you. Or just try to take international planes with that one, the risk is to get search by the customs officer three times consecutively. True story.

The Unisex’s Travel Hiking avoid you that pain. With his classical design, you can always have it with you, to keep your computer safe from lost forests to 5-star restaurants.The Unisexs Travel Hiking: The New Classical Traveler’s Bag I live on the road and that’s the perfect bag, who allowed me to go with style from New-York City to the small town of Chiang Mai in Thailand.

There’s plenty enough space for a computer, a book, some water, sunglasses and changing clothes.

  • Fully waterproof
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Classical design can be used everywhere
  • Lots of space to keep a computer, books, clothes, water…


  • Hard to clean, I wouldn’t take it for kayaking.

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Bottom linetech_waterproof

Finding your perfect bag is an investment. It can take time and money, but I did all the hard work for you. Having the best accessory will change how you travel, and transform your activities.

When you don’t have to care anymore if your smartphone is safe, or if your clothes are still dry, you can really enjoy what you do and spend the time of your life sailing, kayaking, hiking…

One more thing. I talked a lot about the specificities of each bag, but you’ll keep all of them for years even if you use them every week. Once it’s done, you don’t have to think about that anymore. Your bag will be there, and you’ll just have to grab it and go get some fun.

A waterproof backpack is only needed for when you’re planning activities that have something to do with water. Of course, it would come in handy any other time as well, but it’s not a must. If you’d rather save money, you can buy a simple hiking backpack instead.


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