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image_13-24-30_05805_21-01-2016While the idea of travelling can excite some of us, there are also some who get worked up at the thought of it. Packing for travel without missing out on any essentials can feel like an eternal task. After you’ve planned your route, the biggest worry at such times is “I do not have a good travel bag to pack my stuff”. Some bags feel too big while some feel too small to fit everything. And then there are all kinds of issues about not having enough compartments, zippers not working smooth etc.

A travel backpack is a simple solution to a big part of travel worries

03e941c0b837556ca18d9a58d1752823[1]Having the right kind of travel backpack can make it very easy for you to plan and store your belongings. Be it a small weekend getaway or a few days longer trip exploring the unseen, a good travel backpack keeps you well equipped with things of need so that you can make the most of your travel without fussing over messy luggage. The key to purchasing the  travel backpack is deciding upon the use to which the bag will be mostly put. For example, If you are a frequent business traveler and need to carry your laptop, office documents along with a few pieces of clothing then your focus should be backpacks that provide enough space and safety for your gadgets. On the other hand, if you are a regular athlete, hiking or biking enthusiast then your focus should be backpacks that provide ample support to your back during these activities along with space for clothing, snacks and drinks.

Apart from the specific requirements, there are also some specifications that are common to all good travel backpacks. One of the most important ones is the weight of your backpack because ultimately, you will have to carry it. These backpacks are light and have a very little weight of their own. This also comes handy when you are travelling by air and there is a restriction on the weight you can carry. The next important aspect is the shape and size of the backpack. If the bag is too big, carrying it might constantly give you a feel that you are going to topple. It is best to look for a size that is convenient to your height. Similarly, the shape of the bag should be such that it fits well on your torso. The long shape of the backpack gives balance to your body and helps smoothly navigate through crowded areas.

Bags that can be compressed and expanded are very advantageous from both weight and size perspective

image_14-06-37_05811_21-01-2016Everything said you do not want to spend on a backpack that won’t last. So do check for the quality of material, meshes and zippers when selecting the travel backpack for yourself. Waterproof material or rain covers can be an added bonus. Reviewed below are some of the best travel backpacks available in the market that will make it easy for you to find the right one for yourself.

Here are Top 5 of Best Travel Backpacks 2017

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel BackpackThis is a compact, charcoal colored backpack from Osprey.

Extremely lightweight, this backpack also comes in two torso sizes to provide a custom fit to the user.

The bag is very comfortable on the back and can be used to carry luggage for longer distances.

There are two mesh pockets on the front that can be used to carry things like papers that you might require easy access to.

The bag has a top-loading for the main compartment.

There is also a front pocket with a zipper to store some loose cash etc.

A very sleek, value for money product that can be used for both casual trips or official travel.

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Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack

Kelty Redwing 44 BackpackA fabulous product by Kelty, this black backpack is made of imported polyester.

This backpack is medium sized and has very good storage capacity for all your needs.

It has a light beam single aluminum stay and the back panel provides dynamic airflow which keeps the bag stable on your back.

In addition, the bag is also hydration compatible.

This bag provides you the facility of both top loading and panel loading making it very easy to access your belongings.

The padding at the shoulder straps, the hip belt and the waist buckle make carrying this backpack extremely convenient.

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Swiss Gear Travel Gear Scan Smart Backpack 1900

Swiss Gear Travel Gear Scan Smart Backpack 1900Extremely popular amongst buyers, this super compact backpack by Swiss Gear is your powerhouse when for short travels.

It has multiple pockets to organize everything you are carrying and makes it very easy to access anything you need from your bag.

With 18″ high and 13.5″ wide dimensions, the bag snugly fits on your back.

The computer pocket along with the protective sleeves keep your laptop safe inside.

The features and the affordable costs will definitely make you want to buy this backpack.

One of the best travel backpacks 2017 indeed.

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Men’s The North Face Terra 65 Hiking Pack

Mens The North Face Terra 65 Hiking PackCustomized for men, this backpack by The North Face is sleek and long and a great gear for hiking.

The OPTIFITT suspension system ensures that the backpack fits well on your torso.

At the same time, the vertical channel ensures that your back remains well ventilated.

The hip belt distributes the weight anatomically making it convenient to carry the bag for long.

The bag has a side entry which enables easy access to things at the bottom of your bag without having to remove everything else.

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Just Porter Sable Rucksack

Just Porter Sable RucksackProfessional looking backpack by Just Porter is one of the best gears for your official travel.

The exteriors of this bag are made of non-phthalate 1000d tarpaulin that has a military grade strength.

This bag is waterproof and its capacity can be adjusted from 26 to 29 liters.

This bag can hold up to 15 inch MacBook laptops and has mesh on the back panel for supporting the back.

A great purchase for those who prefer to travel for work in style.

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Bottom line

globeWhichever bag you choose, make sure you are able to carry your backpack during the travel comfortably because there definitely can happen situations where you might have to walk since you could not find a taxi or other transport means. Or if you are on a low budget holiday, then you might not want to spend on transportation for small distances. Style, convenience and support, the travel backpack gives you all. So leave your worries behind and get excited about travelling with such backpack.

Sometimes, what you need is a water supply and convenient access to it. In that case, you should have a look at hydration backpacks. Their main purpose is instantaneous access to water. With such a backpack, you can drink on the go any moment. But you only need it if you’re planning to go on foot. In that case, I recommend you to have a look at backpacks for hiking as well.

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