Best Fishing Backpacks 2017

image_13-38-03_05904_01-02-2016Owning a good fishing backpack can be a lifesaver. Nothing can ruin a fishing trip faster than realizing you an important item, such as extra fishing line, bigger hooks or bobbers.

However, if you’re not into fishing and are looking for a fishing backpack because of how convenient they are, you would do well to buy exactly the backpack you need. A fishing backpack would make a great substitution for a hunting backpack. But if you like hunting, buying a backpack for hunting would be a better choice.

How to Find the Best Fishing Backpack

You Get What You Pay For.

The chances are that you would not choose your backpack based on price alone. The chances are that you do not need the most expensive backpack on the market, but at the same time, you probably won’t be satisfied with the cheapest one either. Everyone knows that you get what you pay for.

Shop Online.

Many areas do not have stores that sell such backpacks, leaving you to do your shopping online. Amazon is a great place to search, not only because they might have the nice prices, but, more importantly, they have user reviews you can go through. This is a crucial part of the process. Make sure you read what other users think about the bag you are considering, whether you are buying it in a store or online. The chances are that you will undergo similar experiences with the backpack.image_13-37-03_05902_01-02-2016

Look At A Few Bags.

Don’t necessarily pick the first fishing backpack you come across. Check out several options before making a purchase. The chances are that the more you look out, the more you will begin to realize what is good for you.

Read Reviews.

Product reviews are valuable for finding the best backpack for you. You can check with other fishers to see what backpack they prefer. Go through any relevant information or ask others fishermen you come across with a backpack while fishing. They can prove valuable in guiding you towards the right decision, and also inform you on what backpacks to stay away from.image_13-37-25_05903_01-02-2016

Top 5 of Best Fishing Backpacks 2017

1. The Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack from Wild River

The Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack from Wild RiverFor guys serious to take on the outdoors, the Nomad backpack is the ultimate bag for fishing both on foot or from a boat. More than enough compartments are supplied to carry large tackle items such a spare reels, hatchets, multi-tools, lure boxes or cutlery and the dedicated tray compartment that can take 4 large plastic compartment boxes.

Collectively these boxes will take more than enough lures to last you for both day trips and longer weekend trips fishing off the beaten track. Smaller features include special detachable plier holders transferable between the pack and your belt as well as molded sunglass holders.

A small lanyard is a great addition to attaching forceps or line trimmers too. A further bonus is an the entire backpack is illuminated by an LED lighting system to take on night fishing trips. This lighting system really makes low-light conditions easier as you don’t need to scratch around for a torch to shine into the bag.

Two padded shoulder straps allow you to carry your bag comfortably and a waterproof cover is also provided so you can keep your gear dry when the rain sets in. Bags are made from heavy-duty, outdoor materials that can withstand the rigorous demands of a good tackle bag.

All zips are sturdy and easy to open with a tough nylon loop, preventing you from struggling to open the bag when your hands are wet.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

2. Tackle Tek Recon (Wild River)

Tackle Tek Recon (Wild River)A slightly smaller version of the Tackle Tek Nomad, this backpack has less fuss but can still take on more than enough tackle for you to be able to land some memorable catches while having the diversity of lures to switch between different techniques or species.

Again the entire bag is eliminated by an integrated LED system which illuminates the inside of the bag, so you don’t have to change the setting on your headlamp to quickly grab a new lure or tie a new leader.

The main storage compartment can store up to four large compartmented fishing trays with enough space still to store an extra line spool or bait board if you need. A molded sunglass case, side pockets, a single top pocket and the main compartment provide more than enough space to pack all your fishing gear. Two soft adjustable straps make sure you can reach the water comfortably.

A really neat additional feature is a retractable lanyard that is perfect for attaching forceps to catch and release or debar hooks.

All zips are sturdy and easy to open with a tough nylon loop, which makes it easier to access compartments when your hands are wet. Similar to its bigger brother the Nomad, the Tackle Tek Recon is made from heavy duty, rip-resistant material.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

3. Soft sided sling tackle bag

Soft sided sling tackle bagThe ready 2 fish tackle bag really does get you ready to fish. A nonrigid tackle bag is always useful both as your primary tackle bag or a backup that you can store away easily.

Whether you prefer these bags is a personal choice but soft sides are ideal for waterproof clothing combined with storing with tackle boxes that can be stowed away inside. The inside has 5 compartments separated by semi-rigid dividers and can easily take numerous small tackle boxes and other gear.

The bag is provided with 7 carabineer loops to which you can attach everything from pliers, multi-tools, torches and other gear as well as secure the bag itself to a place along a steep bank. A large comfortable padded strap allows you to sling the bag over your shoulder and carry it over greater distances with minimum shoulder fatigue. A single gorse pocket one side is a neat feature to allow you to store small food packages or extra line spools.

Two bags on either end add to the generous amount of space for reels, line spools, tackle boxes, scales and being padded, your camera can be kept safe too.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

4. TackleTime fishing backpack

TackleTime fishing backpackIf you like to keep it simple and stealthy this is the ideal fishing bag. For those one day trips where you just want to take enough tackle to make the most of it. The Tackle time such backpack has enough storage compartments to store all your gear.

Their central compartment is large enough to store at least one large multi- compartment tackle shelf in addition to your arsenal of multi-tools, pliers, scissors, knives, lunchboxes, spare line spools and an extra reel if you need it.

This pack has two main compartments, the front being temperature insulated by foil allowing you keep a few cool drinks cold for hikes along the tough terrain.

This bag can also easily be used as a day pack for hunting, camping and hiking and for a limited time a free handheld two stage knife sharpener will be included with your purchase.

A really neat feature is that this bag is compatible with hydration systems meaning you can store a water bladder inside.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

5. Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack

Shimano Blackmoon Fishing BackpackIt is made of a heavy-duty material. It features thick shoulder pads to decrease stress on the shoulders.

The Shimano is perfect for fishermen who usually walk long distances to their fishing spots.

It has two utility boxes plenty of pockets with zippers.

As a bonus, it includes mesh rod holders on both sides for simple hauling around your shoulders.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

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