Best External Frame Backpacks

image_13-51-51_05920_26-01-2016Find the best External frame backpacks

External frame backpacks are ideal for carrying heavier loads because the fashioned with an external frame that helps transfer the weight load to the hip belt. They usually have an H-shaped exposed frame. You can also attach a lot of bulky gear like bear canisters, sleeping bags, torches, and tents to the external frame for a greater functionality. If you’re planning a long-term trip, this would be an ideal purchase. If, however, you’re not sure you need the external frame, I advise you to consider buying an internal frame backpack. They, too, are sturdy and keep their shape, but look nicer aesthetically.

Below is a list of some of the best external frame backpacks along with their pros and cons which will help guide you towards backpack for your or your family.

Top 5 of Best External Frame Backpacks

1. Kelty Tioga External Frame Backpack

The Kelty Tioga is a stylish external frame backpack that has an adjustable suspension so you can alter it according to your carrying needs. The waist belt and padded shoulder straps are removable for a greater flexibility on different types of camping or hiking trips and the backpack has a top loading design which helps alleviate the strain on the lower back.

Pros:Kelty Tioga External Frame Backpack

  • The pack has adjustable straps for added functionality
  • Comes in a darkish green color which keeps your bag clean looking and stain-free for longer Lots of compartments for easy to reach water bottle storage
  • Comfortable fit because weight is adjusted correctly
  • Flask a large 5500 cubic inch carrying capacity which is big enough for all your camping gear


  • Some complain that the outside strap is too short
  • Meant to carry big loads which make it unsuitable for small loads and short trips.

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2. ALPS OutdoorZ commander External Frame Backpack

The ALPS Outdoorz Commander has a military appearance and is the perfect backpack for hunting trips because it has compartments secure rifle carrying and easy ammunition storage packs. The backpack has 5250 cubic size which provides enough space for all your camping gear. The backpack has a total weight of 7.5 pounds and lots of easy to access compartments. The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is fashioned with wobbling loops for lashing and clevis pin attachments.
Pros:ALPS OutdoorZ commander External Frame Backpack

  • The backpack has a rifle holder, something that is rare amongst backpacks
  • The commander is detachable from the backpack and can also be used as a Freighter frame which allows you to haul meat from one place to the next.
  • Commander comes with extra lashes to secure your kill to the frame.
  • Padded waist shoulder straps for carrying heavy weights.
  • Easy to access pockets for flashlights, knives, and spotting scopes so you can move a bit fast.
  • Dark and neutral in color for a cleaner and more camouflaged appearance.


  • Some complain that the shoulder straps are too cheap and cannot control weight. The wire clasps are a bit flimsy and might need to be replaced after little wear.
  • Some of the framing colds rub your shoulders during heavy loads.

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3. The Dragonfly External Frame Backpack by Outdoor Products

This is one of the best backpacks entry-level backpack that is designed for young hikers.

The backpack has a top-loading main compartment and dual side pockets that can easily handle 32-ounce water bottles. The backpack’s overall size is 24” x 14” x 8” which is a perfect size for youths. It weighs only 3.10 pounds and has a capacity of 2780 cubic inches. The fabric is bright cobalt Nylon and the backpack itself consists of 7 pockets.

Pros:The Dragonfly External Frame Backpack by Outdoor Products

  • Lightweight which is perfect for youths
  • Large storage capacity so kids can fit all their camping gear
  • Sporty design which is perfect for youths
  • Easy to access water bottle compartments so kids can stay hydrated External frame which helps distribute the backpacks weight more evenly Has a long durability of up to 15 years
  • Comfortable fit with padded shoulder straps to protect shoulders against heavy loads.


  • The pack is too big for younger youths. It is more suitable for teenagers or women
  • Some complain that the waistband is inadequate
  • The strap adjustments are made of low quality and can shatter when overused.

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4. Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack

The Kelty Yukon backpack has a beautiful military style with plenty of compartments that greatly improves the accessibility of your equipment. The backpack is made of polyester and has a navy green color for an overall camouflaged look. The backpack can contain a volume of 2900 cubic inches and has a sleeping bag compartment and mesh water bottle pockets. It has adjustable suspension so you can alter it according to your carrying needs.

Pros:Kelty Yukon External Frame Pack

  • Weighs only 4.14 LBs for light and easy carrying.
  • Kelty products come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for convenient carrying
  • Lots of cushioning and padding for added comfort on long journeys.
  • Enough space to attach additional gear such as additional sleeping bags or tents.
  • Durable fabric and strong design
  • Multiple storage compartments so you can access a lot of gear quite easily Perfect for carrying heavy loads effectively


  • Does not adjust small enough for small youths and is more suitable for teenagers and adults.
  • Adjustments take time and are removing locking rings takes time Bottom frame caps can get lost which exposes a sharp edge.

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5. Vargo Ti-Arc Backpack

Vargo Ti-Arc BackpackThis is the perfect backpack for those who want a neutral looking pack that still has a modern and beautiful design. The frame has a durable titanium alloy construction and is fashioned with a lumbar support plate that helps transfer the load onto the hips. The backpack weighs only 4 pounds and has a size of 15x13x5 inches. The backpack has a rear load which makes it easy to reach the bottom items.

  • The backpack is made from durable material Extremely fashionable for any trip Lightweight for long distance carrying Well-padded for reduced scuffing on the arms and hips
  • The external frame dispatches weight to the hips for reduced tension on the shoulders


  • Not enough lashing places for the pack to get tied down properly There is no real place for a water bottle.
  • A limited amount of compartments which makes accessing gear difficult Shoulder straps are connected together which causes pain in some individuals.

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