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image_15-29-12_05820_20-01-2016A backpack is a cloth sack carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that run over the shoulders. It can also be described as a pack carried by an astronaut and containing oxygen cylinders, essential supplies etc. Backpacks are commonly used by hikers and students, large ones used to carry loads over 22 lbs.

Following are some of the features of Backpacks:

Wide, padded straps

Padded straps on the backpack of the shoulders.

Lots of Compartment

Has compartments in various size, This enable the traveler to spread the weight around and avoid strain from trying to balance a bottom-heavy bag.

Waterproof media pouch

If a traveler carries a cell phone or a mp3 player, the waterproof pouch is a necessity. However, not every backpack is waterproof although many are water-repellant. If you want a waterproof backpack, make sure to check out the review on them.

Lockable zippersexpensive

Have lockable zipper heads with holes large enough to enable the user to slip a small lock.

Waist strap

A strap around the waist add extra stability and reduces the stress on shoulders and neck.

Following are some of the benefits of the best expensive Backpacks:

Easy to store

The design makes it easier to store it in bins in a bus, train or airplane.Many of this have compression straps that let you cinch the packs content down to use less space.


Put less strain on your body as compared to other kinds of luggage because the weight doesn’t pull on one side of your body.

Keeps the travelers organized

Many expensive backpacks are designed with several compartments to store small things, such as water bottles, cell phones, passport etc.This makes the traveler organized ensuring that all basic items are within the reach. Many, but not all of them. If you’re planning a trip, you really should have a look at backpacks designed for travel.image_15-30-02_05821_20-01-2016

Easy to move around

The biggest benefit of using it is that it provides an ease of A traveler does not have to drag a rolling suitcase up a flight of stairs.

Protect the items

Many goods are made with water-resistant and waterproof fabrics that protect the valuable items no matter what the weather forecast looks like.

List of Best Expensive Backpacks Reviewed

1. Tumi Alpha 2 Business Compact Laptop Brief Pack

Tumi Alpha 2 Business Compact Laptop Brief PackThis well-organized pack is ideal for business travelers, commuters, and students because it carries a lot of weight without being bulky. The main compartment includes laptop section, a removable file divider, an accessories pocket and a zip pocket. The exterior pocket includes one for water bottle or umbrella.


  • Extremely durable, easy to clean and great quality.


  • Very costly and no warranty if you buy it online.

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2. FRYE Men’s Logan Antique Pull Up Backpack

FRYE Mens Logan Antique Pull Up BackpackThis Backpack is made from 100% leather and it is as elegant and stylish as any other The antique leather improves with age to create a unique look and the padded straps makes carrying easy and comfortable. This is 18″ high and 13″ wide and the shoulder strap length is 31″.


  • Rugged, classy, a very nice leather and great for casual use.


  • Does not have much space inside and too heavy.

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3. Bottom Boxy Backpack-Breakfast in Berkshire

Bottom Boxy Backpack-Breakfast in BerkshireThe Bottom has organizational has a right amount of room fro all he needs of a baby and has multiple carrying options. It is made with a nice quality fabric and slate embroidered detail. It has 3 easy reach interior pacifier pockets and no more digging key clip. It has 4 bottle pockets(2 interior and 2 exterior).


  • Very functional trendy and has a lot of space. Quality is great and pattern style is neutral.


  • it is too heavy the top part always hangs off straps slip very easily and it is not much durable.

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4. Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

Oakley Kitchen Sink BackpackIt is a large size one with lid style has computer panel with side entry, two side pockets, and front organizer is made of 100% nylon and has a water bottle side pocket. It has a front zip pocket with accessory organization panel to separately to store small items. It has a 34L capacity and the bottom shoe compartment provides spacious breathable storage.


  • Unique and beautiful design and spacious, separate pouch for sunglasses.


  • The build quality is not good, hard pocket on the top is small and no protection from inclement weather.

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5. Saddleback Leather Medium, Simple Backpack

The main compartment of the simple one is made using only two large pieces of 100% full grain boot leather. Two pockets are made outside for quick access to gear. The shoulder straps are adjustable from both ends. t is made with no breakable parts. It is a simple tough hardworking backpack that will only get better with use. t has one large compartment to hold a laptop and school books for those who study.Saddleback Leather Medium, Simple Backpack


  • Good quality leather. Beautiful, simple and functional.


  • It does not have a waterproof quality and is quite costly.

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Bottom line

Choosing the right backpack may be difficult and confusing, especially when reviewing a vast selection of this available in the international market. It is true that one will not do everything you want, for example, a backpack best suited for the extended hike would not be suited for a day trip. Firstly a choice should be made of a daypack, travel pack or hike pack then a suitable for day, long or hike trips should be chosen.

This has improved over the years as compared to the earlier external frame backpacks. It’s didn’t have a padding to place on the shoulder straps, the hip belt would do very little in preventing lower back movement. The newly designed have a comfortable wearing.

Following are the results of the research done on backpacks over the years:

  • Polyester and Kodra have the same durability rating.
  • Many products of identical construction and materials have been given different ratings.
  • The backpacks spooled from the same supplier with two different level of hardness have been rated same.


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