Best Backpacks for Women

image_10-04-23_06008_28-01-2016When you are looking for a backpack, you look for much more than just appearance. You want a backpack that is high-quality, looks great and is comfortable to wear or carry. Just like anything else in your accessory collection, it must suit your fashion sense and your purpose.

image_10-06-27_06009_28-01-2016A quality backpack will not put a strain on your shoulders, will not dig into your shoulders and will provide an ergonomic wearing experience. The material will be high quality, dependable and durable. The zipper will be made out of metal and not plastic, meaning it will not snap the first time you use it. The back panel should be padded to prevent the contents of your backpack from pushing into your back, causing discomfort.

We have taken into consideration the comfort of the user, the reputation of brands and customer reviews to bring you a list of the best backpacks for women. Since everyone is different, we have provided packs from multiple styles and manufacturers to help you choose the one that is best for you and the purpose you have.

Here are the top five best backpacks for women coming into 2016

1. JanSport

JanSport began making backpacks and other gear in 1967. Since then, they have perfected the art of making backpacks and they are now known as one of the most durable brands on the market. They are so confident in their material and technique that they offer a lifetime warranty that covers their durability, functionality and versatility.

This backpack comes with the following features:JanSport
  • Two main compartments
  • S-Shaped shoulder straps
  • Padded back panel
  • Special pocket for your water bottle
  • Small, front zipper pocket
  • Heavy duty handle
  • Made from 600 Denier Polyester
  • Affordable on almost any budget
  • Lightweight at 1 pound 8 ounces

Some customers have complained that the backpack is a little larger than they expected. They do not like the bulky appearance that it gives off. For someone who needs a lot of space, this backpack is perfect. However, if you are looking for a more compact design, you may want to look at our other four options.

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2.Dakine Laptop Backpack

This backpack is great for almost any purpose. Whether you plan on using it for hiking or for carrying around your laptop, you will definitely be satisfied with the high quality and dependability of this pack. Even its name is Hawaiian slang for “the best.” Customers who have purchased this pack find it so attractive and durable that they have even used it as a diaper bag.

This backpack provides the following features:Dakine Laptop Backpack
  • Padded upper shoulder straps
  • Sized to fit most 14″ laptops and notebooks
  • Convenient side meshed pockets
  • Scratch proof sunglasses pocket that is lined in fleece
  • Lightweight at 1 pound 4 ounces
  • A few customers who have purchased this backpack were disappointed that there is not a chest clip.

However, if a chest clip is important to you, you can easily purchase an add-on attachment that serves the same purpose. If you have a laptop that is larger than a 14″, you may want to check out a bigger model.

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3. High Sierra

If you are looking for a high-quality backpack that comes from an extremely reputable company, the High Sierra backpack may be exactly what you are looking for. This backpack is specially designed to carry a lot of weight but keep the pressure off of your shoulders. Customers who have purchased this backpack love that they do not feel the strain on sensitive muscles and joints.

This item features:High Sierra
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Multiple large compartments, 4 interior and 6 exterior
  • Specialized media pocket with a port for your headphones
  • Places to hook your extra gear
  • Lightweight at 1 pound

Some customers who have purchased this backpack find that it overloading it can put pressure on the seams and over time, it can begin to wear out the stitches. If you are looking for something that can handle a lot of weight, you may want to check into some of the other options on this list.

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4. KAVU Rope

The KAVU Rope backpack is one of the most popular backpacks on the market right now. It has a unique design that makes it stand out fromKAVU Rope ordinary backpacks and very attractive designs that catch the eye. KAVU rope bags can be purchased in many colors and designs but is the most eco-friendly, ergonomic backpacks we have outlined here.

This backpack offers the following features:
  • padded back panel
  • adjustable shoulder straps made of rope
  • two pockets for keys or cell phone
  • embroidered design
  • lightweight at only 3 pounds
  • large build at 20 x 12 x 4 inches

Because this backpack is made from 100% cotton, the color may vary slightly from what you have ordered, which is extremely common. If you want to purchase a product with predictable color outcomes, you may want to check out one of the other backpacks on this list.

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5. Fajllraven Kanken

Because of the use of standard backpacks in 1978, Sweden went through a series of debates about back injuries and how they could reduce the statistics. In response to the debates, this revolutionary backpack was developed. Due to the self-balancing design, this backpack. Not only is this pack great for school, it is also perfect for outdoor recreation.

It features the following benefits:Fajllraven Kanken
  • extremely durable
  • scratch and tear resistant
  • water resistant – lightweight at only 9.8 ounces – made from 100% polyester
  • one interior pocket and one exterior pocket
  • animal and environmentally friendly

When purchasing a backpack of this brand, you have to be extremely careful. Because of the high quality and stellar design, this backpack is counterfeited often. Many people who have purchased this backpack online found that the backpack came with the name brand, but not all of the pieces accurately reflected what the brand is known for. Later, they found out they purchased a knock-off. Only purchase from reputable vendors.

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image_10-08-07_06010_28-01-2016Bottom line

If you are looking for a top quality backpack that will last you for many years, check out these five options. You will be very pleased with the quality and dependability that is provided by each of these companies.

If you’re feeling too young to get a backpack for women, you should have a look at backpacks for girls instead.

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