Best Backpacks for College

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Why choose the best among other backpacks for college? Only students do understand the importance of having this backpack for college. As a student, one will need to carry much stuff such as large amounts of stationery, accessories, and some snacks; for those who like mid-lecturer breaks during their time in school. You can imagine all the weight a college student has to bear during his or her school time. Therefore, it is far much important and beneficial for a student to invest in a high quality, fully functional and, of course, a stylish backpack to ease their college life.

You should also consider the influence of carrying a backpack on college students before you do anything else.

High school students would do well to obtain one as well but if that’s not your choice at the moment, consider buying a backpack for school instead.

Now you are already wondering how you can make a good decision and choose a backpack for college. I will provide some information and essential tips that would guide you through picking up a backpack that will suit all your needs for your entire college school life. The information and tips will be efficient and precise to the point that will ease and speed up your decision making; having this in mind, it will supplement your own desire.

image_15-12-35_05914_01-02-2016Benefits of the best backpack for College

As a college student, having backpack is an important tool as it brings a lot of benefits to college life. First, it provides the comfort of carrying around nearly all the important things they need during their classes. They also have a high capacity to accommodate the items student need. The best backpacks are often of lightweight, looking cool and more professional. In addition to this, they have adjustable laptop straps.

image_15-12-10_05912_01-02-2016Features of the best backpack for College

In terms of manufacturing process, these backpacks are well designed for durability and also with additional exterior pockets for items like stationery, phones, pens as well as MP3 Player. They also have dedicated laptop compartments. One of the main materials used in making them is durable polyester. The backpack compartments are sealed with a sturdy zipper which can glide smoothly. This feature renders your items like the textbooks and other school supplies as well as your laptop and phones more secure and dry too. Another feature for best college backpacks is that they come in different styles and with a variety of colors. Despite the comfortable straps that these backpacks have, they also have additional lumbar supporting features.

image_15-11-58_05911_01-02-2016The Advantages of the best backpack for College

Selecting a backpack is the best option for students since these backpacks are known to have waterproof qualities and many compartments/ pockets. They are long lasting and strong enough to carry more stuff; so it saves both money and time which could be wasted on looking for a new backpack because low-quality products break easily. They are also perfectly designed to have airflow back system that makes students feel more comfortable while carrying them on their backs; this is advantageous because it provides extra padding on the back and also reduces fatigue when carrying these backpacks. In general, it saves students from the stress of carrying heavy items. Another advantage of having this backpack for college is that they have separate laptop compartment hence protects the edges of your books from scratching your gadget.

Top 5 of Best Backpacks for College 2017

1. Best Backpacks for College Little America Backpack

Stylish and functional, the Little America Backpack serves as the coolest companion for college.

With a fully padded laptop sleeve pocket that will hold up to a 13″ screen, I was able to confidently take my computer anywhere without the fear of it getting damaged.

The main compartment has a cinch top closure and is able to keep my things safe and secure.

The media pocket also saves me the hassle of holding my phone/iPod in my hand.

My favorite aspect of this backpack is the magnetic strap closures with metal clips, this gives it a more vintage flare.Best Backpacks for College Little America Backpack

The long outlook the backpack has also stands out as a feature that is unique to this particular brand and that contribute to the overall aesthetic.

This backpack is also incredibly comfortable. With its contoured shoulder strap and air mesh padding, it’s both practical and fashionable.


  • Easy to carry and lightweight Stylish and modern.
  • Lots of room/laptop space. Many pockets and comfortable straps.


  • Straps can easily break.
  • Larger than expected. Less durable.
  • Zippers can easily break.

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2. The North Face Surge II Backpack

Perfect for someone who travels as much as I do, the North face Surge II Backpack is a heavy lifter and is big enough to hold everything I need for everyday life and then some.

My favorite aspect of this backpack is the 15″ laptop compartment that completely opens and lays flat to meet TSA requirements so that I can easily get through security without having to take my computer out.

Possibly the best backpack I have ever owned, it’s practically waterproof and stands up against any kind of weather.

It can be called best waterproof backpack for college.

The North Face Surge II Backpack

What I also like about this product is the FlexVent™ suspension system that provides comfort and support in the shoulder straps and the back panel. Knowing this, you can imagine how easy it is to carry camping supplies, traveling equipment, and my heavy college books.

Whether you’re hiking through the forest or running to your next class, this North Face surge backpack is great to have for any kind of activity.

  • Very spacious with many pockets.
  • Sturdy Straps.
  • Very comfortable and durable. Weatherproof.
  • Accessible.


  • There are no side pockets on the backpack.
  • Could be larger than expected.
  • Less padding on the straps.

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3. JanSport Big Student Classic Series Daypack

You can never go wrong with JanSport, especially classic JanSport.

This backpack has gotten me through high school and college and it’s still going strong. It’s very sturdy and has a lot of room.

There are two large compartments, perfect for notebooks/laptops, a small organizer pocket in the front so that I can easily find my cell phone, and a padded back for comfort.


The zippers are also very reliable.

The straps especially have withheld the test of time and are still, after five years, very comfortable and sturdy.

What 11 love about this backpack, is how it has still stayed trendy and cool throughout the years.

Paired with my converse and skateboard, my JanSport will always be part of my look.

Overall, JanSport has never disappointed me. However, if anything goes wrong, they always offer a lifetime guarantee.JanSport Big Student Classic Series Daypack

All in all, this backpack is great for traveling, work, and school. I am definitely buying more in different colors for future purposes!


  • Very reliable and sturdy.
  • Great durable straps.
  • Very spacious. Long lasting. Comes in stylish designs and different colors.


  • There isn’t padding inside the backpack.
  • Not a lot of pockets/organization.
  • Will not withstand a lot of weather damage. Can get very heavy and uncomfortable.

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4. High Sierra Loop Backpack

Both functional and stylish, the High Sierra Loop Backpack is great for going on outside adventures and going to class.

The backpack itself is very spacious and contains many compartments.

What’s great is the MP3 player pocket with headphone port that allows me to listen to music while walking or hiking.


My favorite feature on this backpack is the monster hook and bottom straps that will firmly strap in whatever kind of blanket or camping gear I need.

The straps are very comfortable and durable, and I love the internal zippered accessory pockets.

What’s great about this backpack is the reliability and comfort it has given me. I have taken this backpack hiking many times and it is still going strong.

It also comes in great designs, which gives it a little more personality and flare.High Sierra Loop Backpack

It can also withstand a lot of weight and can hold a lot of books and materials.

Overall, this backpack has been very reliable and long-lasting. I will probably buy another one in a different design for next year!


  • Very reliable and sturdy. Spacious with many pockets. Comfortable and durable.
  • Trendy and comes in different stylish designs.


  • Zippers can be flimsy.
  • Hooks and buckles can possibly break.
  • Mesh lining can heat up.

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5. Gootium 21101 Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack

Gootium 21101 Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack RucksackI love this backpack. Perfect for fitting everything I need, including my laptop, books, and notebooks.

Along with being very trendy, this rucksack is spacious and has a lot of pockets.

Padded shoulder strap makes it for an easy and comfortable carry and the interior zipped pockets are perfect for organizing my school materials.

There is a total of three outside pockets, which makes this backpack perfect for school, camping, traveling, and working.

My favorite feature on this backpack has to be the design of the main pocket flap. Cute and stylish, the buckles with built-in snaps keeps the main flap from opening.

The cotton draw not only adds extra security but also modern flare.Gootium 21101 Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack Rucksack

The two side pockets are also great for quick and easy access to the things I need and are perfect for my electronics.

Comfortable and reliable, The Gootium Rucksack is a great backpack for many activities and uses.


  • Stylish with a vintage modern look.
  • Comfortable.
  • Spacious, with many pockets.
  • Trendy pockets and zippers.


  • Hooks and buckles can possibly break.
  • Straps loosen up.
  • Possible stitch rips.
  • Button flaps are not reliable. Possible rips in the cloth.

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