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image_15-10-33_05986_27-01-2016Backpacks play an important role in our lives. Today backpacks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs. Just a few considerations and you will get the right backpack for yourself. Whether you are looking for a rustic or urban look, you are in the right place.

Top 6 of Best Awesome Backpacks

1. MadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Fullpack Bag

The MadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Fullpack Bag comes with more the outward daring look.

The spiky design gives it a crazy look that it does stand out all the times.MadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Fullpack Bag

The 100% PVC finish gives it its waterproof properties.

The dimensions which are 18inches by 14inches give it enough room to store your stuff.

This backpack is ideal for DJs or RAV singers that want to carry their accessories.

The two outside pockets and center compartment provide easy access.

Other features of the bag include the center strap and the padded shoulder pads.

This bag is also ideal for children going to school. Well, if your child wants to carry the funky look to school then certainly this is the ideal bag.

Owing to the PVC finish, this backpack is ideal for people that live in areas with lots of rainfall. This will ensure that your children’s books are not damaged by the rain.


  • Great outer look good for children and adults
  • It has enough room to store accessories or items
  • Made out of PVC making it waterproof


  • Not really appealing to grownups and other children
  • The spiky look makes it not ideal for young children

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2. FOR U DESIGNS Camouflage Animal and Undersea World

It has its areas and one area it influences is that of backpacks.

The animal design backpacks are quite fashionable.

These backpacks were introduced to protect animals as kids are thus influenced to love animals.FOR U DESIGNS Camouflage Animal and Undersea World

The design is formed using a 3D printing technique that gives a vivid picture of an animal.

The laptop layer brings great usability even in grownups.

The zipper pocket on the front can be used to store small items that are necessary on the move.

  • Nice warm appeal and look
  • Helps your kids to start loving animals
  • Ample storage space to carry books around
  • You can carry your laptop around in it


  • Not everyone wants to carry a backpack with animals
  • Not ideal for adults

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3. Madpax Warp Speed Surfaces Fullpack

If you love great lighting especially those of the star galaxies then this is the backpack for you.

The 100% printed lycra presents you with a fashionable appeal that will stick in someone’s mind for days.

The zipper enclosure makes that backpack ideal for carrying your needs on the move.Madpax Warp Speed Surfaces Fullpack

The 18inch by Minch wide enclosure gives you the ideal space to store items.

The outer layer leaves the backpack clean and free from unnecessary dirt.

The warp finish presents you with an outer comfortable finish.

The backpack is quite fashionable giving a great appeal to adults and kids in high school.

  • It has enough room for carrying books and other items
  • Also ideal for preschool children
  • Comfortable


  • Mostly appealing to adults only
  • It does not have a laptop layer

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4. Deluxe Chewbacca Backpack

If you want to have chewy hanging on your back then this the backpack for you.

A lot of children enjoy having their favorite pet as a backpack.

Now you can present your child with a bag that he or she will enjoy carrying all the time.

Just present the bag to you child with love and yes they will love it.

Some kids even enjoy having furry dogs as toys and friends. Well, now you can have a two in one toy for them.

Although space is not that much it is adequate for preschool children.Deluxe Chewbacca Backpack

It is ideal for carrying a lunch box and juice bottle.

It is however too small for when your child begins to carry a lot of books.

  • It is an ideal backpack for children
  • A comfortable to carry backpack


  • The backpack mostly appeals to children
  • Storage space is minimal only ideal for lunch and a small book

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5. Flornettek, LLC DataShell Flying Shield Backpack for 15-Inch Laptop

This backpack comes with a solid finish that leaves your contents free from impact damage.

The 15.6inch compartment allows one to carry a laptop with this backpack.

The nylon fabric presents it with a water repellent and strong finish.Flornettek, LLC DataShell Flying Shield Backpack for 15-Inch Laptop

It is quite comfortable to carry as it has soft shoulder pads.

This is certainly a backpack for adults as it comes with more storage space and a great protective casing allowing you to carry around delicate stuff.


  • Ample space for carrying lots of items
  • Ideal for grown-ups
  • You can carry a laptop
  • Strong case allowing you to carry fragile items


  • It is not a comfortable bag to carry around for long distances
  • Backup mostly appeals only to adults and not children

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6. Voltaic Systems 10W “Array” 1022-C Backpack

If you are looking for convenience on the go then this is the backpack for you.Voltaic Systems 10W Array 1022-C Backpack

It comes with a 10W solar panel with an output of 6V and 18V.

The panels are waterproof and one fascinating aspect is that they are light weight.

The urethane coat makes it self-healing against scratches.

This backpack is ideal when it comes to camping thus allowing you to charge your phones or camping light.

You can power and charge your laptop in just 40 minutes using the sunlight.

The material used to make the backpack is lightweight and water resistant.

This backpack is ideal for kids in high school that have an increased need for power.

Today most teenagers feel the need to always charge their phone or laptop.Voltaic Systems 10W Array 1022-C Backpack


  • Ideal for camping trips as you can carry your power supply with you
  • Good for adults that want to travel light
  • Ample storage space allowing you to carry your laptop too
  • Great outlook coupled by the scratch proof panels


  • The solar panel nature makes it not suitable for young children
  • It does not have batteries so works ideally when there is sunlight

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Botton line

Awesome_Face_2.0These are certainly the best ideas when it comes to getting the right backpack for yourself or your child. If you are looking for quality and fashion all in one design then you are at the right place. Buy the best backpack today that caters for all your needs.

Of course, a backpack you can show off is only good for when there is at the very least someone to show it off to. That may be a little bit hard in a forest. Or when hunting or fishing. If you’re into that kind of activities I would recommend you a backpack for the active lifestyle. Consider having a look at fishing backpacks.

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