8ixnG5EbTAre you in need of a cool backpack 2017? You probably already know that bags of that kind come in multiple sizes, shapes and designs, so it can take some time and effort to come across the one to meet your needs. What steps do you have to take to find a cool backpack for kids, for work or for traveling?

There are many of them. But no worries! I was once in the same situation as you. I was just as clueless as many other people. No more. I’ve done my research, and now, I’m going to share the results with you. My reviews will work for everyone. They take everything, every imaginable factor into consideration. You don’t have to do anything. The only thing I believe you should do is to read my reviews, otherwise, you can just sit back and relax.

The reviews I’ve made should be very useful for many people. After all, I’ve done them based on my objective analysis of more than a hundred backpacks. Now that is statistically meaningful. Most people never ever use that many backpacks in their whole life.

But reviews and tips based on the analysis are not the only things I have to offer. I’ve also done a review on backpacks brands. This may be important to some. After all, it is quite possible that you don’t like the backpacks I’ve done a review on since they don’t have something specific you expect of it. And yet, you might have very general requirements otherwise. This is when a collection of the best brands would work best. You can find what you need without going through the infinite number of backpacks. So just check out the best brands of backpacks.

Perhaps, you don’t have any specific requirements at all. In that case, I believe what you need is just a cool backpack. Solution? Make sure to familiarize yourself with my collection of the best awesome backpacks.

But if you do have some requirements and expectations, here are some tips that will help you to find a cool backpack for playing, school or work.

Backpacks have become quite essential to regular lives these days, mostly due to the possibility of using them for various purposes, from carrying a mere jacket to carrying a laptop. If you’re looking for a backpack, make sure to check out the ones below:

Top 5 of Best Rated Backpacks 2017

1. Vintage Retro Canvas Backpack

This is a high-quality canvas backpack which is damage-proof and suitable for both genders. The backpack comes in Army Green and Brown colors. It is made of canvas of superior quality which is easy to wash and dry, as well as resistant to wear and tear. It also has two straps, each with metal buttons that can be used to adjust the length of the straps easily, depending on how long you want them.

This bag is quite big and has lots of pockets, with the largest one at the top and a smaller one with a metallic zip at the front, which is quite useful to keep valuable items. It also has interior pockets which can be used to keep valuables, too, as well as any other personal possessions.

Vintage Retro Canvas BackpackThe backpack can be used by people of different age groups for many purposes, from carrying school books to traveling, from camping to any other outdoor activity. Since it comes in several colors, it is possible to use it both for formal and informal occasions, depending on the color of the bag.

If you like the general idea of this backpack but don’t exactly like it for itself, that’s absolutely fine. You can get any other vintage backpack instead.

Some of the advantages this backpack provides are:

  • Possibility to carry a number of large objects due to its volume.
  • Inner pockets that offer security to your precious accessories.
  • Quite durable due to being made of canvas.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.

Besides, this is one of the best backpacks 2017!

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2. Ibagbar Vintage Fashion Canvas Backpack

This is a high-quality canvas laptop bag made of high-density cotton canvas. Its zips are made of genuine leather, and its lining is made of cotton, which makes the bag quite durable. The bag is suitable for use by both men and women. It rarely wrinkles and neither does it deform easily.

The bag consists of several pockets: the main zipper pocket, 2 side pockets capable of carrying water bottles and 2 front zipped pockets capable of storing small objects. It also has one inner zipped pocket and two open inner pockets for carrying valuables, as well as a laptop compartment. The laptop compartment can obviously fit laptops, iPads or tablets as long as their screen size is up to 15 inches.

Ibagbar Vintage Fashion Canvas BackpackIt has two padded shoulder straps which protect one’s shoulders and make the bag quite comfortable to carry. The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted, depending on one’s height, body build and comfort requirements.

This bag has multiple advantages:

  • A multi-purpose bag: can be used to carry a laptop as well as books. I, for one, would use this bag to carry my HP Elitebook laptop which is quite heavy.
  • Quite large and durable.
  • A classically designed bag. For those that constantly worry about what they wear, trust me, you will be complimented a lot by your friends whenever you carry this backpack.
  • Does not wear out easily.

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3. UA Unisex Storm Hustle II Backpack

This backpack is an UnderArmour bag, made with Storm technology which provides an element-battling, highly water-resistant finish. The bag is tough and has an abrasion-resistant bottom panel which prevents the bag from wearing out even if it is placed on a rough surface regularly.

It consists of 5 exterior pockets and 3 interior pockets: the exterior pockets are zipped so as to offer security for stored possessions, it also has an interior soft-lined laptop sleeve which can hold laptops, iPads or tablets with the screen size of 15 inches or less. The bag comes in many colors: red, black, blue, green, red; you name it.UA Unisex Storm Hustle II Backpack

Most parts of the bag are made of polyester but some of them are made of nylon: this makes the bag quite durable and appealing. The front pockets are water-repellent and keep your stuff safe from any fluids-related accidents. The bag has one unique feature: the adjustable HeatGear shoulder straps which increase the comfort offered by the backpack.

This backpack has many advantages, some of which are:

  • Quite large: can be used for carrying many things.
  • A multi-purpose bag: can be used for camping or even carrying school books and a laptop.
  • For those concerned about their fashion status: you will always look great when wearing this bag.

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4. 2015 Waterproof Swiss Gear Multi-functional Backpack

This is a Swissgear product designed primarily for carrying laptops. It has numerous internal and external pockets for convenient carrying of various accessories. The bag has an Ulti-panel airflow design which provides extra padding for comfort. It also has a shoulder strap system that offers maximum back support. The bag has specially contoured shoulder straps designed with extra padding so as to offer comfort and easy control. It has two side pockets for holding water bottles: those pockets are elastic so as to be able of holding water bottles of different sizes. The internal pockets have a special pouch capable of holding MP3 players.

2015 Waterproof Swiss Gear Multi-functional BackpackThis bag is capable of holding several laptops, iPads, and tablets due to its 3 outer large pockets, which are zipped for enhanced security. The bag also offers quick access to small items, such as a passport, via quick-access pockets while traveling, thus making it a good companion to a determined traveler.

Some of the benefits of this backpack are:

  • Suitable for traveling due to many compartments.
  • Quite comfortable, even when carrying heavy accessories.
  • Durable.
  • Relatively large and with various pockets, which offer security to the stored accessories.

However, the shoulder straps are prone to ripping, so make sure not to exceed the safe weight.

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5. Kinmac 2015 Bohemian Patten Backpack

This backpack is a special multi-function one. It has two straps, each having massage cushions that make the bag comfortable to wear and carry around. It has one main, zipped pocket, one front zipped pocket for storing accessories, and two side pockets which can be used for carrying water bottles. It also has an interior laptop compartment capable of holding laptops of up to 15.6 inches. The laptop compartment is surrounded by thick foam that offers the best protection to your laptop. One of the inner pockets has a zipper and divisions for storing pens and a phone.

Kinmac 2015 Bohemian Patten BackpackThe bag comes in many patterns and colors which make the bag appealing to the human eye. It is suitable for both males and females, and can be used for various purposes such as carrying one’s books and laptops or outdoor activities, such as camping where the two side pockets come in handy. The bag also has a big capacity and can be improvised as a traveling bag or as a hiking bag.

Among many benefits, the bag offers the following:

  • A multi-functional bag.
  • Unique pattern design makes it attractive.
  • Has a big capacity, capable of carrying large laptops such as 15.6-inch HP Envy 360. Incredible, isn’t it?
  • Offers protection to accessories carried inside due to the thick foam.

So if you have a large laptop (e.g. an HP Envy 360), I would recommend this backpack to you due to its obvious capability of carrying extra large laptops.

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How to Choose the Best Cool Backpacks

Deciding on choosing a good backpack is important, whether it is intended for travel, work, school, or any other activity that requires a portable storage for an extended period of time. Regarding the backpack as their home is quite common among people who travel a lot, which makes sense once you think about it.

There are so many different characteristics and “personalities” to backpacks that choosing a good one can be quite difficult. There are many styles to consider. In fact, you can have a look at backpacks for men and backpacks for women right now. But not every style is general.

I remember scouring the web for the best cool backpacks for 2017 some time back. Eventually, I spent a few days researching and making up my mind. To help you to never go through the same hassle (nobody likes waiting), I will present to you some of the finest backpacks available on the Internet today so that you can make up your mind as fast as possible. By the end of this brief introduction to backpacks, you should be able to find one that would not only be cost-effective but also robust and visually flattering.

The best backpacks, those built to last, have the following characteristics that make them capable of protecting your precious belongings long term, anywhere and everywhere.

Waterproof materials

Even if you don’t think you need a 100% waterproof backpack, make sure that the exterior is made of waterproof materials anyway. Usually, that would be a nylon (plastic) based material or, for more premium and well-designed backpacks, leather. That is no rule but a good practice because the backpack is bound to come into contact with the elements eventually, and a bag that can get soaking wet is a poor protection for its valuable cargo. Make sure that the internal material of the bag does not absorb water/humidity and dries up quickly. That would prevent it from harboring mold which can give a bad odor not only to your backpack but also to the items it contains.

The rule of thumb is to look for a backpack with thick innards made of light materials. As a test, you should pour a glass of water on your backpack. The inside is supposed to remain dry. That is the first utilitarian sign of a quality backpack.

Sometimes, a backpack being waterproof is a priority. If that’s the case, make sure to check out the collection of waterproof backpacks. Unlike regular backpacks made of waterproof materials, these ones are fairly water-resistant.

Solid Body Harnesses

A solid strapping system will help you carry heavier items with more ease and comfort. Cushioning of the harnesses will greatly reduce pressure on your shoulders and the abdomen area, thus preventing pain developing in the lumbar area. A backpack would usually force its user to bend forward a bit to “balance out” the weight of the backpack. Comfortable cushions on the straps as well as an ergonomic design will greatly help in preventing many forms of muscular pain for users who carry them for long periods.

Simple Backpack Security – The Double ZipperGeneric-Suitcase-Padlock

The best kinds of zippers you can find in a backpack are the ones made from quality ABS or, preferably, metal. If you are wearing a huge backpack, it’s not possible for you to have any idea of what’s going on right behind you. A double zipper system is not only fun to close or open but it also has the additional benefit of being easy to padlock. You can use many types of padlocks, but with backpacks, a small combination padlock is generally preferred for being both easy to use and difficult to break.

Cushioned Belts

Most of the weight you carry will press against your lower back; therefore, it is important to have a backpack with a cushioned belt for maximum comfort. The belt will help distribute the weight of the bag evenly and also prevent pains in the lumbar region. A cushioned belt backpack is the bag type trekkers prefer worldwide because it adds a lot of comfort and enjoyment for those who carry heavy weights for long distances.

Ergonomic DesignFLINK_flexible-link_ergonomic_backpacks_backpack_system_design_engineering_production

More and more backpack manufacturers are starting to opt for ergonomic designs. A bag that morphs itself to the shape of your back will distribute the weight homogeneously to the body for added comfort. They also leave a small space between the bag and your back, in such a way that air is better able to circulate preventing perspiration from amassing and cooling you down on those long walks.

The Ideal Size of a Backpack

One of the most common things you wonder about when finding the best cool backpack is the size. It is perfectly logical to question that, such is the reality. There is no “ideal” size for a backpack. What matters most is how to choose a backpack that is proportional to your body and its  purpose as well as the number of items it can carry. You do not want a bag that is too big or too small with your stuff crammed. A bag too big or too small will not spread the weight evenly, which will result in a discomfort over time.jwo_sizes_backpack

However, the size still matters. Generally, if you are of a big stature, you can easily go for a bigger 70L backpack, and if you belong to the medium or smaller side of the spectrum, a 40L backpack will do just fine.

Things To Consider In Selecting The Best Backpack:


The consensus of opinion by most experts is that an over-the-top price tag does not always equate the best quality. A survey of backpacks ranging from $20 to $100 revealed many durable high-quality bags in the $50 range. Typically, the bags with the higher prices had added features like reflective detailing offering greater visibility, extra organizers on the inside, built-in sleeves and padding for extra cushioning, all of which are terrific if you are looking for cool laptop backpacks.Perhaps, a high price

Perhaps, a high price does not make you shy away from a really good backpack. Perhaps, a high price is what you’re after! What do you do if that’s the case? Well, for one I’d recommend you reading the review on expensive backpacks.

Check The Capacity

If it is cool backpacks for kids you are looking for, you want to consider what exactly they need for school. Will the backpack hold all of their pens, notebooks, school books and other required items? Cool backpacks for school must also be light enough so as to put no extra pressure on the child’s back. Experts advise that a fully loaded backpack should have weight no bigger than 10-20 percent of the child’s weight.

If you’re planning a long-term travel, check the capacity once again. In this case, you need a bigger backpack. Way bigger. Depending on what kind of a trip you’re planning, I’d recommend turning to backpacks for hiking or external frame backpacks.

Consider The Backpack’s Purpose

For Travel

For adults who like to travel, a heavy duty backpack should be their first consideration. Cool backpacks for men are made of high-quality materials and with durable straps that can deal with Mother Nature and her elements. They also have lockable zippers, water-resistant materials, and many simply accessed compartments to meet the user’s needs. Padded shoulder straps on those backpacks also make them much easier to carry. They also help to balance the backpack’s weight. Some of the bags offered by NorthFace meet all these requirements. But if you’d like to have something different, consider reading the review on backpacks for travel.

For Work

template-sagome8024671383868There are a lot of backpacks for work you could check out. Your computer will fit snugly into their built-in sleeves, and it also will never shift around while you are traveling. You will also find multiple compartments for your documents, folders and any other similar items. A great product for you to pick would be the Targus Drifter II. But if you don’t really need a laptop backpack, just get a business backpack instead. If you do need a laptop backpack, just not the one I’ve just recommended you, that’s fine. You can have a look at the laptop backpacks review.

For School

An excellent backpack for school is what preteens and teens need most. The most important thing is that it should fit whatever is required for school. So, the first thing you should do is to consider what exactly your child needs to carry there. The second thing would be to select a bag which will hold all those things. Make sure that the stitching on the pack you are considering to buy is strong and hard to tear. When searching for cool backpacks for kids, it is also important to make sure that the material of the backpack is washable.

The simplest way to choose the best backpack for school would be to visit the page with the reviews on backpacks for school. After all, I’ve already made a selection of the best school backpacks. And, by the way, backpacks for school and for college may be interchangeable, but if you’re going to college, getting a backpack for college would be a lot better than getting a backpack for school.

Consider The Design

There are a lot of cool backpacks for teens that would serve them well in middle school, high school, and even college. Many of those have multiple quirky designs to their credit.image_12-31-12_05968_16-02-2016It’s a good idea to let them select the backpack they feel best expresses who they are. In the case of little kids, they always like bags that feature fictional characters they love. There are many cool backpacks for girls with colorful and vibrant designs on them. You really should have a look at Pottery Barn that offers a wide variety of great designs.

Be Certain To Take Proper Care Of Your Backpack

sweet little girl asking for help carrying very heavy backpack or schoolbag full causing her stress and pain on her back due to overweight isolated on white backgroundThe key element in extending the life of your backpack is to make sure to devote some time to cleaning it carefully and storing it properly.

As it has been mentioned above, there is a number of important things and factors which should be taken into consideration when looking for the best school backpacks for girls. Some of the factors to be taken into account when buying backpacks for women are listed below:

There is no doubt in the fact that backpacks are the best kind of bags. Backpacks are convenient and comfortable. The best thing about backpacks is that they are available at a reasonable price and, in addition to that, they offer ample storage space for carrying goods.


Finding the best cool backpack is not rocket-science. By using the simple guidelines mentioned above, you should be well equipped (pun intended) in finding a good-quality backpack that will serve you for years to come. Keep in mind that when choosing a backpack, it should, first of all, be something that is capable of carrying your precious belongings safely, in the least intrusive and most comfortable way possible. As with almost everything, the good outlook is an added bonus. Choosing your future backpack should not revolve entirely on how it looks but also be well-thought over a sound introspection and assessment of its various components and the comfort it could add to the journeys to come.