8 Cool Pink Backpacks 2017

image_16-26-37_05940_29-01-2016Plain and blah backpacks are a thing of the past. Gone are the days of boring bags. Hip, brightly-colored packs are in and their owners couldn’t be happier. Hooray for those girly-to-the-roots girls who have to have everything in pink! Now you can be fashionable and hip without having to ditch practicality.

Of course, if the color pink isn’t exactly your color, feel free to have a look at backpacks for girls instead. Or maybe you’re a firm believer in “real men wear pink” but you don’t think the backpacks presented here look manly enough despite their color? Well, you can certainly have a peak at backpacks for real men, except different in color.

Backpacks may not be your first accessory to complete your outfit but they’re the most practical way of carrying your belongings wherever you go. Imagine if you had to carry a purse and your heavy textbooks without a pack. Pretty impractical right?

image_16-25-52_05937_29-01-2016While we’re talking about practicality, here are several major advantages of a backpack:

Space – a regular sized backpack has about 27 liters of storage space. You can easily fit a laptop, 2-3 textbooks and whatever small pouches you usually carry. Most backpacks have several extra compartments inside and outside the main storage for even smaller items. The outside compartments can house the items that you need constant easy access to, like your mobile phone, keys or lip gloss. You can carry far more than what a nice looking purse will permit.

image_14-08-48_05917_29-01-2016Balanced Weight – carrying a heavy sling bag on one shoulder is not conducive to good posture. You usually lean towards the opposite side of where your bag is slung to support the weight. This can cause Scoliosis and other issues. Backpacks are better for everyday use because the weight is equally distributed on both shoulders. Take caution on how much weight you put on it, however. Too much weight can be unhealthy, especially if you’re still growing.

Sturdiness – backpacks are built to carry weight without having to worry about the straps snapping. One strap bags and purses are really prone to snapping especially if used daily and always weighted down. You don’t want your strap breaking and everything falling out.

Weatherproof – most backpacks are waterproof which helps protect the items inside. This is extremely beneficial if you always carry your laptop and other gadgets. It can save you hundreds of dollars in potential damage. Along with saving you money, a weatherproof pack can save your grades. Don’t worry about an essay paper being ruined by rain.

Great for Short Trips – No need to haul heavy luggage for your next short vacation, take a backpack. You’ll be surprised how much gear you can fit in a pack. If you’re flying, why check luggage and worry about it being lost? Save time and hassle by carrying on a backpack. If you’re a heavy packer, then you always need more space. A stylish backpack is a great way to supplement your main luggage.

Just like every product that has pros, backpacks also have cons.

They’re very minute disadvantages that can be overlooked but here are a few to consider:

Can’t be used for all occasions – a very valid point. You can’t bring a backpack to a formal dinner party or a wedding but how often do you go to those fancy-chancy events anyway? Three or four times a year? Whereas, work and school are daily events. You’ll never have to worry about getting your money’s worth with a backpack.

Bulky – another valid point. Backpacks can be bulky but it only depends on what you carry around. When you’re camping or sleeping at a friend’s house, you don’t need your entire closet right? If you’re at school, carry only what you need for your day’s first half and go back to your locker after lunch to gather your books for the last half.

Too common – no need to worry about this anymore. Manufacturers have taken backpacks to new fashion levels. There are different colors, styles, materials and sizes to guarantee you make a unique fashion statement. There’s a style for everyone.

image_16-17-17_05930_29-01-2016Still unconvinced about picking up a stylish pink backpack?

Backpacks are one of the leading fashion trends among students and bikers as they are a stylish way of carrying either those heavy books, laptops or equipment while going to work or school. Pink backpacks are especially trendy in this modern age and portray a bold statement.

image_16-26-25_05939_29-01-2016Top 8 of Pink Backpacks 2017

1. SuperBreak Backpack

SuperBreak BackpackThis is an ultra-functional pink school backpack/daypack, handy for carrying textbooks, notepads, and calculators. It comes in a bold pink color that is quite fashionable.

  • One large main compartment
  • Web haul handle
  • Front utility pocket with organizer for smaller items
  • Straight-cut, padded shoulder straps for comfort 2/3 padded back panel
  • Durable High-Quality Trendy
  • Quite Lightweight
  • Very spacious to carry all your stuff

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2. Victoria’s Secret PINK Backpack School Flandbag Backpack Book Bag

Victoria’s Secret PINK Backpack School Flandbag Backpack Book BagThis is a must have. A super cute backpack with many cute options as a School Flandbag or Backpack and also Bookbag, that still leaves a fashion statement from the wearer.

  • Adjustable straps
  • Front zip pocket and side flap pockets
  • Buckle flap closure with interior drawstring Leather patch
  • Trendy among the girls and women
  • Affordable and worth the money
  • Durable, made from high-quality material, lasts longer
  • Cute and fashionable for women

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3. Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Backpack 

Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Backpack New Style 2014This Victoria’s Secret Pink Backpack comes with new styles to make you look good whether on or off campus. With this new cute pink and trendy backpack, you will surely be the talk around school.

  • Full-size backpack, to fit books and laptop
  • Comfy shoulder straps 8 interior pockets, water bottle pockets
  • Exterior front pocket, side mesh pocket
  • Padded laptop sleeves, fits up to 15-inch laptop
  • Excellent Quality material used Spacious with many compartments
  • Pockets of different sizes, more space for your belongings
  • Very durable and long lasting

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4. Leaper Lightweight Canvas Laptop Backpack Cute School bag

Leaper Lightweight Canvas Laptop Backpack Cute School bagThis is a super cute casual daypack, Laptop backpack and Cute School bag made of durable quality canvas and artificial leather. It adds to your beauty with a cute pink design to match.

  • Very spacious, can accommodate 15-inch computer
  • Lightweight and fit for school, outdoors, camping and traveling
  • Fashionable and super cool, high volume backpack with cute design
  • Unique strap designs, easing pressure on shoulders
  • Cushion made of high permeability material, meaning no sweat patches will be visible on bag when carried for a long time
  • Spacious backpack, fits notebooks, laptops, and textbooks
  • Cute and trendy design
  • Fantastic fabric, adding to beautiful design
  • Very Fashionable to own
  • Customizable in different colors, to fit your personality
  • Durable and quality backpack

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5. Reinforced Design Water Resistant Backpack (Bloom)

Reinforced Design Water Resistant Backpack (Bloom)This is a lightweight backpack with a unique design that is waterproof and available in stylish trendy pink designs.


Made of 100% Polyester Adjustable padded shoulder straps 3 large compartments with multiple pockets and storage Padded Tablet compartment with inside lining Water Resistant with reinforced design Advantages:

Water resistant

Spacious compartments with lining, for tablets Reinforced design for safety and comfort Very lightweight and easy to carry Fashionable and Cute to wear Very sturdy straps offering comfort to the wearer.

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6. TUODAWE(TM) Synthetic Leather Backpack Pretty Schoolbag for Girls 

TUODAWE(TM) Synthetic Leather Backpack Pretty Schoolbag for Girls This is a cute small backpack made especially for women who would love to change their fashion style of carrying the normal handbag. This type of backpack comes in handy for women who love to travel, shop and even hike.

  • High-quality soft synthetic leather, zipper closure, and fashion design
  • Exquisite texture smooth zipper, fabric lining
  • Very spacious, enough for your books, make-up, wallet, purse P
  • Perfect for traveling, schooling, working, shopping, hiking
  • Quite affordable
  • Fashionable with the cute pink color Pink synthetic leather is trendy and well stitched together Straps are sturdy More spacious than a purse
  • The bag requires minimal care
  • Bag has many pockets for carrying all the junk
  • The bag is fairly medium sized and not huge, making it trendy

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7. JiaYou Kid Girl Oxford Princess Bag Backpack Schoolbag

JiaYou Kid Girl Oxford Princess Bag Backpack SchoolbagThis book bag is very fashionable for the girls and can be used as school bag making them look nice with a beautiful pink design to add to their appearance.

  • Zipper Closure
  • Made of Oxford material
  • Suitable for children of ages 5-10 years
  • Spacious compartments for books
  • Exterior and interior pockets
  • Padded back for comfort
  • Good material that’s quite durable
  • Very spacious Sturdy straps for comfort
  • Many pockets providing space for stationery
  • Good quality bag and cute
  • Padding at the back of the bag provides comfort

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8. Travel Backpack for Schools-281/251 Hopsooken Waterproof Laptop Daypack 

Travel Backpack for Schools-281/251 Hopsooken Waterproof Laptop Daypack This is a super quality backpack fit for use as Laptop Daypack bag, Ultra-light weight backpack for girls, college student boys and also as a colorful cross-body bag.

  • Versatile with shoulder, diagonal, backpack wearing
  • Very Spacious, can hold your books, clothing, computers, iPad, water bottles umbrellas.
  • High-quality material, made of high-quality nylon, tear-resistant, waterproof.
  • Fashion design with multi-color options, streamlined appearance makes it fashionable and beautiful.
  • Durable buckle and strong zipper make it more durable and long lasting
  • Spacious enough to hold your phone, iPad, documents, water bottle
  • High-quality material to protect your belongings from dust, rain and dirt.
  • Versatile enough to be used for camping, biking, hiking, going to school, shopping

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Bottom lineimage_16-37-02_05941_29-01-2016

These pink backpacks will add to your appearance with their cute trendy designs. Therefore, whether you are a child, a young girl, a lady, a mother or a young man, you are sure to make a bold a fashion statement when you own a pink backpack.


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