Best Ultralight Backpacks

image_12-23-25_05869_25-01-2016When you are shopping for a backpack its very necessary that you do not select a backpack by only considering its looks or price, but on the other hand, it’s essential that you take a closer look towards the feature and your needs. Taking the weight off your back is very necessary, species especially if you going on a trek or climb. But taking weight off at the expense of comfort is not always a good idea. As a solution to this, getting yourself acquitted with a lightweight backpack can be very essential.

As a camping instrument, a backpack is completely irreplaceable. If you are planning to go on a big trek, hiking or other outdoor adventure where your goal is to carry a lot of ground on foot then ultralight weight backpacks are very effective. They can let you travel bigger distances by providing a good rest to your back.

climbing-1691-2015-03._CB308424918_For anyone who is a traveler by hobby, and if you do not find enough time for building up your muscles, then lighter backpacks will eventually mean that you won’t be putting a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles. It will also help you in not aggravating any previous injuries. For every traveler, less weight on their back is the biggest boon. With ultra light weight backpacks, you can be rest assured that you won’t have to carry any extra load.

Going on a trek with lighter weights would mean that you would have the potential to cover more ground without tiring yourself. There are many different ultralight backpacks available in the market, but out of these which are the once that can be perfect for your trek? Let’s find out

Top 5 of Best Ultralight Backpacks

1. Osprey Atoms 50

Osprey Atoms 50Osprey Atoms 50 is a very lightweight and well-designed backpack that can be perfect for an overnight journey.

The pack has a torso length and a high belt which is very easy for adjustment.

The bag fits very nicely and can be very comfortable if your are planning a big trek and want reduced weight on your back.

There are large vertical pockets in the bag which can be used to carry all the necessary items.

There is a mesh trampoline in the back of the backpack which helps I having a better transmission of air across the back.

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2. Hikpro

HikproThis ultra lightweight backpack by Hikpro is one of the lightest backpacks there is in the market.

Hikpro themselves call this their all-star backpack and considering its strength and the price at which comes, they are absolutely correct to say it.

The bag is just 6.5 oz. which is lighter than most of the Smartphones.

Another advantage of the bag is that it can also be folded to a smaller size when not in use.

It can be folded so small that it can even be stored in your back pocket.

Frame and suspension wise also the backpack is very good considering the price at which is it being launched.

Hikpro also has enough compartments to store all the necessary items that you may need.

It has two big compartments and smaller front compartment.

It’s also water resistant and it is a complete package backpack.

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3. Arcteryx Altra 65

Arcteryx Altra 65Altra 65 is another one of the backpacks that are very efficient and light weight.

The backpack is just 14oz in weight and can effectively carry all the items that are needed for a long trek. It has the maximum capacity of carrying 60 to 0 pounds and is a very well designed backpack.

Quality wise the fabric and the frame used in the backpack are of extremely high quality and it is built to last for ages.

The backpack is very sturdy and efficient.

There is a molded hip belt on the backpack which can be used if additional support is needed.

This molded hip belt also deliver the added cushioning and support for the traveler.

The frame of the backpack is made up of a rigid frame sheet and is strengthened by two aluminum frames.

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4. Osprey Packs Volt 75

Osprey Packs Volt 75Osprey Packs Volt 75 is one of the biggest backpacks which has an adjustable torso and a hip belt system.

Volt 75 is a very good option for the travelers as it will let you carry all the necessary items and also provide all the required comfort to the traveler.

Storage wise also it’s very well distributed with compartments to carry all the necessary things.

There are a stretchy kangaroo pocket, side stretch bottle, and a cavernous top lid.

Interior organization of the backpack is also very smartly done with a large compartment that can primarily be accessed from top lid.

Frame wise also the backpack is very sturdy and has a high capacity to carry weights of up to 50 to 55 pounds.

Suspension wise the back uses an FIDPE frame sheet that has a peripheral frame.

The shape of the backpack is body hugging which makes it a very efficient backpack.

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5. Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro 65 Backpack

Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro 65 BackpackIn past 40 years, Gregory Mountain Products have been one of the most used trekking instrument.

Using very thin fabrics and by reducing the padding, the user can trip the weight of the backpack.

Comfort wise also the backpack is very good and has a body hugging design which makes it a very comfortable companion for trekking.

Compartment wise also the backpack is very good and gives the user enough space to carry all that is necessary.

This backpack is a very good mix of innovation and quality which is perfectly suited for a hauling trek.

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Bottom line

These are top five backpacks according to us which are perfect for your trek. Carrying these ultra-lightweight backpacks is not only good your body but is also good for your mind. Along with a lightweight backpack, techniques, and proper knowledge plays a big part in deciding your pack weight. More often than not with experience, you will understand t what is essential and what not for a trekking adventure.

That said, sometimes you need a smaller backpack rather than light. If that is your case, I recommend you to read my review on mini backpacks.

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