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image_16-15-23_06052_28-01-2016Backpacks are most popular, stylish and lightweight bags that are being used for carrying things. Backpacks are popular among all the age groups. Some of the most popular backpacks come with two straps that go over your shoulder to carry it on your back. There are available a variety of Backpacks in the market and on online stores. Backpacks are easy to carry and they look stylish. With the increasing demand of Backpacks in various markets, they are being introduced in different colours, categories, sizes, style and stuff. You can choose your Backpack as per your need. Backpacks vary from each other in terms of their usage and they are used by students, teachers, tourists and bike commuters. The backpacks made for the use of bike riders are specially designed, keeping in mind all the needs and requirements of bikers.

Biker’s backpacks are designed especially so that they fit well according to your body shape. The distribution of weight of backpack according to your body shape is important so that you may not feel discomfort while long rides. A biker’s backpack has multiple straps to get it adjusted according to your body height. Biker’s backpacks are made from different kind of stuff like nylon, cotton, polyester or leather etc. The cost of a backpack and the lifespan of that bag depend on the type of material used in its fabrication. Apart from that, some fabrics are coated with special coatings of PU, acrylic or PVC. These backpacks are equipped with multiple pockets or compartments. Special cushions’ or foam padding is given so that if fits best on your back and you didn’t find any extra strain while carrying some extra load.

image_09-47-15_05891_29-01-2016Benefits of Bikers backpacks:

Biker’s backpacks are beneficial because they allow you to ride in your comfort zone while carrying a load on your back. Biker’s backpacks are equipped with special features like light weight material, more compartments, long life span, adjustable straps, durable, waterproof fabrication and many more. A few biker’s backpacks have compartments for carrying laptops too so if you are commuting on the bike to your workplace then it will be beneficial for you. The fabric of biker’s backpack and their make helps you ride comfortable at high speeds because they get fit with your body size.

image_09-47-57_05892_29-01-2016Feature and Advantages of biker’s backpacks:

  • You can use these bags in any weather condition.
  • They are designed to offer you best in class ride experience while carrying a load.
  • The material used in the fabrication is quite tuff and thus offers you a good long life span.
  • Biker’s backpacks are made in such a manner that they get fitted easily as per your body shape, no matter how tall, small, thin or fat you are.
  • Special cushions’ and ventilation points add comfort to your ride.
  • Biker’s backpacks are made up of heavy duty fabrics, so once you purchased it will last long.
  • Latest Biker’s backpacks are also equipped with Smartphone carrying compartment.
  • Biker’s backpacks include integrated hydration reservoirs, to keep your body hydrated during long rides.
  • They are fabricated in such a way that you can extend or compress the backpack as per the load.

But if you own a bicycle rather than a motorcycle, a backpack for bikers would not be the optimal choice for you. It would work but it wouldn’t be optimal. What to do, then? Why, get a backpack for cyclists, of course!

But that’s if you’re a cyclist, like, with a bicycle. If you have a motorcycle, you are reading just the thing.

Here are the Top 5 of Best Motorcycle Backpacks

1. Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack – Stealth

Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack - StealthOgio made biker’s backpack No Drag Mach 5 – Stealth is an exceptional option for the bike riders that offer you Aerodynamic moulded exterior design for unmatched “Air Flow” reducing drag while riding.

This backpack comes with weather resistant external shell with moulded graphic design that adds to the beauty of the backpack.

It also has multiple compartments dedicated to different kind of storage requirements of bikers.

For example, the backpack comes equipped with laptop compartment, Smartphone or electronic protective compartment, helmet carry strap, dedicated shoe storage compartment and many more. Overall the built quality of the backpack is quite solid.

The look and feel of the backpack are tuff. It is available in online stores.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

2. Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack

Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak BackpackFly Racing’s biker backpack is also one of the options available.

This backpack is relatively less expensive.

The built quality and the look is not as much premium but it will serve the purpose for you. It can offer you all the functions that you expect from it.

If you are carrying a lot of stuff with you than Fly Racing Adult Illuminator is for you.

This backpack is compatible with your mp3 player.

It will also offer you foam padding in the back which can give you comfort ride.

This backpack includes helmet carrying compartment.

Along with that, it has the feature of hydration pad, thus, you won’t feel thirsty while long rides because it will keep your body hydrated during rides.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

3. Alpinestars Defender Backpack

Alpinestars Defender BackpackAlpinestars Defender Backpack is good enough for daily rough use as well as for bike riding.

It offers a sturdy look and it is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a multi-functional backpack.

It is made up of 100% polyester material. You can wash this backpack with hands.

It offers you adequate storage with dedicated compartments for a laptop.

There is also additional skate carrying straps available in this backpack.

The back and strap of this backpack are cushioned with foam material allowing you the comfort while carrying a heavy load while longer rides.

Overall this is a budget backpack offering you double usage of rider’s backpack as well as daily use backpack.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

4. Uni-sex Ultramodern Aluminium Alloy Shield Motorcycle bag/Backpack

Uni-sex Ultramodern Aluminium Alloy Shield Motorcycle bag/BackpackUni-sex Ultramodern Aluminium Alloy Shield Motorcycle backpack is a dedicated backpack for bike riders.

This bag comes with one main zipper and two side zippers. It also fits best in your budget.

The backpack comes with an Aluminium Alloy Shield on the top.

The special features of this bag include padded back and straps for ultimate comfort and proper distribution of weight as per your body size.

There is waist strap with buckle to keep the backpack intact on the place to make your ride comfortable.

The backpack may attract bikers with its build quality and Aluminium alloy Shield on the top.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

5. Alpinestars Roving Backpack – Black/Green 6100013-16

Alpinestars Roving Backpack - Black/Green 6100013-16Alpinestars Roving Backpack is again a premium and stylish backpack.

Its look and fabrication attract many bikers to burden their pockets. But the features look and comfort it offers justifies its cost.

It is made up of poly-fabric and coated with PU material for extra strength and durability.

Its sporty look and aerodynamic design allow the biker to ride comfortable with high speed for longer durations.

Due care for air ventilation points and special padding on shoulder straps and back are provided.

Adjustable shoulder straps and 3D mess are its additional features.

It also has laptop compartment and some other additional compartments to carry things for your personal hygiene.

Overall this backpack looks attractive and has some amazing features.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

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