Best Hydration Backpacks

image_16-16-09_05939_26-01-2016The ultimate goal of any innovation is to make life easier. Hydration is definitely an issue for hikers and many other people, however, hydration backpacks can deal with that problem. Perhaps this is the reason why researchers have flexed their muscles and dug deep to unearth the best backpacks. This is a desperate attempt to combat the hiccups that arise from using normal backpacks which require too much effort. Perhaps this is one of the greatest innovations to ever grace this planet. These backpacks have elicited mixed reactions from different quarters but one thing is for sure; they have changed lives of so many people. Ranging from soldiers at war to cyclists and skaters, these backpacks come handy to make their operations and lifestyle easy.

Advantages of hydraulic backpacks:

  • They reduce the effort of having to carry different water supply like bottles.
  • They make one concentrate on the important tasks without having to stop and start getting their water bottles out.
  • They curb the menace of having to carry bottles which are subject to getting misplaced easily.
  • They have a large carrying capacity and can, therefore, carry enough water to sustain someone fully.
  • They come in different sizes and are therefore adaptive for short or long distance uses.

Features of Hydration backpack:

  • image_16-08-41_05936_26-01-2016A Hydration backpack comes with a tube from which the user suckles water. This is the feature that ensures that one does not have to take the pack from their back to take water.
  • This in one way or the other saves time.
  • It also comes with a water reservoir that ensures that the supply never runs out.
  • The reservoir comes in different sizes depending on the use of this backpack.
  • For short distances, the reservoir could be less than 30 liters but for long distances like hiking the reservoir is bigger.


  • image_16-08-12_05935_26-01-2016Generally, hydration backpacks spare one the stress of having to carry too many water supply objects.
  • It is also crystal clear that carrying all those liters using the hand would be unimaginable therefore being a backpack makes carrying it easy.
  • It also goes without saying that  backpacks save time.

The recent escalation in the number of such backpacks in the market raises eyebrows. It poses a dilemma to the buyer on which is this backpack. This prompts the need for a review of some of the best hydration backpacks in the market in order to give an overview of some available in the market.

However, if you don’t plan travel on foot much, you most likely won’t need one. Besides, when hiking a special hiking backpack would be of more use to you. Therefore, I’d recommend you to read the review on hiking backpacks. Or, perhaps, on backpacks for travel.

Top 5 of Best Hydration Backpacks

1. M.U.L.E hydration backpack

First on my list is this amazing backpack that has promised to overturn the market with its incredible features.

It comes with hydration capacity of 3 liters which make it ideal for short distances.

It also has the capacity to carry a cargo of up to 8 L.

This makes it ideal for mostly hiking and other uses like military missions.M.U.L.E hydration backpack

With both capacity combined it, therefore, comes to a capacity of 11L. This is a fantastic capacity for anyone hoping to have a great time out.

It is also designed with camel back which ensures that you get the best times without feeling too much pain on your back.

  • Camelback makes it quite convenient.
  • The capacity is awesome.
  • Can accommodate Google/NVG


  • The only cons would arise from the hydration capacity which a bit smaller for long distances

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2. 1100 oasis sport hydration backpack

This is the next product on my list. As the name suggest, it is a sports backpack tailored towards making your sporting experience live in your memories long like the biblical Methuselah lived on this earth.

It is sure to turn Your Everest in sporting to a mole with its synthetic material long life.1100 oasis sport hydration backpack

It also comes with a capacity of 18 liters which makes it quite convenient for sports.

The ventilation holes coupled with the mesh covering act as shock absorbers.

It comes with pockets for several uses making it multi-purpose.

The key clips ensure the safety of your belongings while out in the field.

  • Its capacity is amazing.
  • Has weather guard which makes it quite unique.
  • Great price.


  • This could be the limited lifetime warranty.

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3. Camden gear hydration backpack

This is yet another product among the best hydration backpacks in the market.

It comes with adjustable straps for shoulders and chest making it quite convenient.

It also comes with great capacity with storage compartments which makes it ideal for long distances.

The water resistant material ensures that the product inside it is safe.Camden gear hydration backpack

The material is also durable which guarantees long life.

Its replaceable bladder ensures one is well hydrated and keeps cool.

This is a great feature for anyone going out in a warm weather.

  • It comes with great prices for a product of its caliber.
  • It comes with a warranty in case of damages.


  • The only cons would be the capacity which is a bit lower for long distances.

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4. CamelBak’s hydrobak

This is yet another great product among best backpacks.

It comes with hydration capacity of 1 5L which makes ideal for short distances.

It can be termed as the most economical considering its size and make.

The total weight of this backpack is about 454 g which makes it quite convenient to carry around.CamelBak’s hydrobak

Perhaps it is its features that have catapulted it to the top of customer ratings significantly.

It is black in color which makes it quite convenient in case one goes to dusty places.

  • Quite economical given the price.
  • The size is amazing for short distances.


  • The capacity is too small for long distances

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5. WACOOL waterproof hydration backpack

This is another backpack worth mentioning among the best backpacks.

As the name suggests, it is waterproof which makes it quite convenient.

Its material is also anti-scratch which moves it quite durable.

It comes in double layer making it quite strong and resistant to wearing out.

It has the large capacity of 7 liters which makes it ideal for long distances.

Their flow system ensures that the back feels cold.
WACOOL waterproof hydration backpack Pros:

  • Durable due to its anti-scratch material.
  • Waterproof nature makes it amazing.


  • This could be said about its large size which makes it a bit heavy.
  • From the above review, It is now clear that one can get the best one that suits their needs.

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