Best Camera Backpaks 2017 – How to Protect Your Camera Gear

2016-12-08_101313The word “photography” is of Greek origin. It means “drawing with light.” Photography was a scientific field at first, but, these days, you can hear two opinions about it. Some people say that it is science and if you are going to pick up a camera, you should be familiar with the laws of physics. Others do not even doubt that photography is art. People like them make beautiful underwater videos or take pictures of butterflies, such as Urania Madagascar, which was found to be the most beautiful butterfly in the world, by the International Scientific Congress no less! Be it as it may, there is some science in there, indeed.

Anyway, a camera is something like a time machine, which helps us to travel in time. Back in time, at least. One click of the shutter will save the memories of a nice day for good… But we digress.

How to Choose a Camera Bag

2016-12-07_170232Perhaps, you were looking for a new camera for a long time. Considered the options, chose a brand you could trust, waited for the delivery of the camera. Voila! Here it is. Congratulations! The problem is solved.

Let’s take a picture of something. Or not, first let’s shoot an amazing video outside! But wait a minute. Just one question: where are you going to keep your new camera? If it isn’t your first camera, you already know that a camera bag is a very important purchase since its purpose is to protect and store your equipment.

On the other hand, there is no single camera bag suitable for all occasions. It actually depends on many factors.

Small Camera Bags

A small camera bag is designed for a compact camera. You can put a point-and-shoot camera in a large compartment; small pockets are for very tiny items such as an extra memory card or batteries. The advantage of a small camera bag is its low cost. Besides, a small camera bag is very light. It has a shoulder strap; you’ll be able to get your camera out in a blink when you notice something worth taking picture of.

Camera Shoulder Bags2016-12-07_170603

A camera shoulder bag is larger than a small camera bag. It looks like a mobile lab and is a good choice for urban shooters or photojournalists or for those photographers who want to travel light. You can put a DSLR camera plus two lens and some accessories in a camera shoulder bag. Also, you can use it as a bag for mirrorless cameras. As a rule, such bags come with a big storage compartment with organizer pockets. Some of them even have pockets for bottles.

Sling Camera Bags

Sling camera bags meet the requirements of photographers who need quick access to their gear. Such bags are not too roomy, unlike shoulder camera bags. However, they have a significant advantage: almost all sling camera bags allow the equipment to be stored in a ready-to-shoot position. Therefore, sling camera bags are popular among street photographers, who favor speed in their profession best of all.

Camera Sleeves

A camera sleeve is a small bag. It can accommodate a camera and a lens. Camera sleeves come without a strap, but they can work with a camera strap. In that case, a camera sleeve looks like a small over the shoulder camera bag.

Camera Holsters

A camera holster is designed for professional photographers who have to carry their equipment for a long time. It’s a good option to avoid hurting your back, neck, and shoulders. You would even be able to squat without damaging your gear because the camera would not be bolted to your body rigidly.

However, this innovative type of bag is not cheap.

Camera Backpacks

A backpack for cameras has enough room for all your photo equipment. They have a lot of big and small compartments, numerous zippered pockets for your valuables. You can put more than your cool camera with three or four additional lenses in there. There are backpacks for cameras able to accommodate a laptop and an umbrella easily. Although the size of a camera backpack should be defined more precisely to fit your device in there without a problem.

Rolling Camera Bags

Rolling camera bags are quite large, but they are easy to carry. There is no need to worry about what you could put in there to pick it up quickly and safely later. It can fit all your photo or video lighting equipment. Thus, you can build an entire portable studio on wheels. A rolling camera bag is a good option for those photographers who have to bring with them a lot of paraphernalia.

Top 5 of Best Camera Backpacks 2017

1. The AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and AccessoriesThe AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories

The AmazonBasics Backpack can hold two SLR/DSLR camera bodies, three-four lenses and some additional accessories.

The bag is made of a durable black polyester. Its adjustable cells help to organize your hardware and accessories. There are plenty of Velcro dividers to configure it as you like. Also, you could remove all the dividers and have one big compartment.

It also has two large zippered pockets for bigger items, such as a notebook or raincoat. A compact tripod or even an umbrella could be settled on the side.

The AmazonBasics backpack is adjustable and made of well-padded material. It is comfortable to carry it thanks to its shoulder, waist, and chest straps.

This backpack is rather lightweight and can be used as a medium sized daypack.

It is a good solution for those whose photographic equipment is rather small. Besides, its price is very attractive.

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2. Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR CamerasCanon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras

As you have probably figured out from the title, this camera backpack is intended for storing Canon cameras. The bag is very cute for a camera bag.

It is rather compact but not small. Despite its not too big size, the amount of useable space is quite impressive.  It fits two smaller SLR cameras and three-four lenses. There are two zipper pockets on the front for more small accessories. The bag is made from soft waterproof polyester and nylon. The shoulder straps and the back are padded, so the bag could make a good hiking backpack.

There’s even a small hook inside the back, so you can keep your keys there to find them very fast. Two straps on the bottom will hold your tripod securely. And you can shove a raincoat or a sweater, a few magazines or maps into the pocket with lacing.

Each side has a pocket for a phone, wallet or small accessories.

Note: It is not designed for laptop storage or a big amount of a photography supplies.

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3. Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Pro DSLR Camera BackpackLowepro Flipside 400 AW Pro DSLR Camera Backpack

The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW is a large capacity backpack for a professional photographer.

Its special back-entry compartment provides quick access to your camera gear.

The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Pro DSLR Camera Backpack is the best camera backpack for a traveling photographer who needs to keep his numerous equipment securely and to be ready to catch the perfect shot at the same time.

The main compartment is actually huge and has Velcro dividers, which help to organize your hardware and to protect it from damage. It can fit a professional DSLR, four to six extra lenses (up to 300mm f/2.8), a charger, cords, filters, a flash unit and three memory cards.

This camera backpack provides an exceptional level of comfort thanks to its straps and well-padded waistbelt. You can open the bag without removing the tripod.The front storage panel is meant for extra accessories and small personal items. It securely fits all the gear you need and makes it quick and easy to access.

The rain cover is a pleasant bonus.

Note: the padded belt isn’t removable.

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4. Case Logic SLRC-206Case Logic SLRC-206

The Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera Backpack is designed to hold all your huge photographic equipment. It is durable and carries just about everything that a professional photographer would need.

The laptop compartment accommodates 16-inch laptop or a 17-inch MacBook Pro.

The exterior is made of nylon. A water-resistant material allows your camera bag to stand upright. It also has four pockets for extra batteries, memory cards, extra batteries.

The padding is very good all over the bag. Even the small padded compartments can hold your lenses securely.

You can hold your tripod on the side of the bag. The rubberized bottom protects your gear from the damp ground. The Case Logic bag has a brightly colored interior. For quick access, the camera must be put at the top of the backpack.

The adjustable shoulder straps are very comfortable, as is the back.

If you don’t want to open your pack fully, you can just unzip the top and pull out your camera while the sling system holds your gear. It is quick, convenient and it helps to protect your camera if you drop your bag.

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5. Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L Camera BackpackLowepro Photo Hatchback 22L Camera Backpack

This bag is one of the best camera backpacks, as it received positive feedback from thousands of professional photographers and amateurs. And it deserves that. They choose the Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L for many reasons.

First of all, it is very roomy, but not cumbersome. It fits such hardware as DLSR with attached lens (up to 18-105mm zoom) and 2-3 additional lenses.  By comparison, the Photo Hatchback 16L designed by Lowepro fits a DSLR with attached lens (up to 18-55mm zoom) and one-two additional lenses or a GoPro.

The size of the camera compartment is rather impressive. One more advantage: you can take with you not just a tablet, but a MacBook Air 11″, which cannot be put in the Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L.

This is not just a camera backpack, it’s a multi-purpose bag. The well-padded camera box for a complete camera kit can be removed, so that the camera backpack transforms into a functional cool daypack.

The Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L Camera Backpack will easily hold, for example, a 12.6 inch MeFoto Backpacker Travel Tripod or another small tripod in its mesh side section or the top pocket. The backpack has a rain cover, which will protect your equipment from water drops.

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Top 3 of Best Camera Bags for Travel

1. Evecase Extra Large DSLR Camera/Laptop Travel BackpackEvecase Extra Large DSLR Camera/Laptop Travel Backpack

Carry your SLR camera plus all requisite accessories and gear in an Evecase Extra Large DSLR Camera/Laptop Travel Backpack. This bag is perfect for travel because of its lightweight and capacity.

The backpack is ergonomically designed for minimizing your neck and back pain. A large customizable main compartment with padded dividers can hold up one DSLR and two-four lenses. By the way, the padded divider set is removable.

This camera backpack has a variety of pockets for cables, memory cards, or other essentials.

The padded laptop compartment fits devices up to 15.6 inch, such as a widescreen Macbook, laptop or tablet.

The convenient side straps can hold a tripod. The mesh pocket on the side is meant for a water bottle or other essentials.

Moreover, the bag has a versatile design and can be transformed into a travel backpack or even a school backpack. All you have to do is to take out the middle compartment with your photography gear. The removable padded insert can be carried separately.

The multi-purpose backpack has a rain cover inside to protect your equipment from drops of water or moisture.

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2. DSLR Camera and Mirrorless Backpack Bag by AlturaDSLR Camera and Mirrorless Backpack Bag by Altura

This light travel backpack is made of water resistant nylon. Its high-quality internal padding and the adjustable padded dividers protect your photography hardware from damage.

There are two zippered pockets in the main compartment for storing batteries, cables, memory cards. The dividers are removable. The inner canvas straps help to protect larger items better.

It fits such photography gear as a DSLR or mirrorless camera with an attached lens, three-four additional lenses, and some digital accessories.

The well-padded ergonomic shoulder straps will make your everyday walkabouts with your camera comfortable. They can be adjusted to your desired height.

There is a pocket on the front side of the bag, you can put cables, compact journal, or small essentials there.

You can also take with you a laptop (up to 12 inches) or some not very big items. A strap on the side is for transporting a monopod or tripod.

Thanks to its size, this bag is good for travel. Your back will not hurt when you carry a lot of equipment all day long.

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3. DSLR Slr Camera Bag by MOACCDSLR Slr Camera Bag by MOACC

The DSLR Slr Camera Bag is very well constructed with quality materials. This nice-looking bag is made from pure cotton canvas. Its texture is soft and durable.

The camera bag is a good fit for D/SLR Digital Camera, Sony/CANON/Nikon/PENTAX, and so on. You can put there a D/SLR camera as well as one to three extra lenses and accessories (cable, extra batteries).

The durable and soft inner material inside protects the camera and accessories from damage and dust. By the way, the Velcro padded dividers may be taken out.

The sturdy shoulder strap has a widened area for contact with the shoulder. Besides, the bag has a convenient carrying handle. So it is very comfortable to carry. You can use the camera as a shoulder camera bag or a messenger camera bag.

You can find inside a padded compartment for laptops up to 14 inches. The inner pockets are designed for holding your batteries or flashes.

This bag is very suitable for photographers without bulky gear.  If you’re on a budget, it’s a good compromise. It can also be used for daily travel or short trips.

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Top 3 of Best Sling Camera Bags

1. Lowepro Passport Sling DSLR Camera BagLowepro Passport Sling DSLR Camera Bag

The Lowepro’s Passport Sling is neither too small nor very big. It’s just the right size for photographers who like traveling or going out for a walk with their cameras. It is large enough to hold your gear. When empty, the bag is very lightweight and doesn’t look like a huge camera bag.

Its size is not all that impressive but it can fit a DSLR with attached zoom lens, one extra lens,cables, flashes, additional accessories and personal valuables.

The bag is well-padded, the camera box is removable, so it will secure the equipment while on the move or packed for travel. Its adjustable shoulder strap with a lock buckle allows you to carry the bag over your shoulder without discomfort. You can also to carry it across your body.

The removable sliding shoulder pad provides extra comfort. Use two exterior slash pockets to change lens while on the move. The two inner pockets provide secure and quick access storage for cables or other small things.

It can be a perfect camera bag for travel if your photographic equipment is not too bulky.

Check the latest pricing details here!

2. Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR CamerasAltura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR Cameras

The sling camera bag is a camera backpack at the same time thanks to its dimensions and the possibility to move it from your back to your front quickly. This camera bag is designed for DSLR cameras with a standard zoom lens. The interior is very soft. Its customizable Velcro divided walls can keep your camera and some extra lenses and extra photographic essentials well protected. There are some mesh pockets for SD cards, charger, USB wire, and spare batteries.

The camera sling backpack has a monopod/tripod foot holder with straps to hold it in place securely.

Another advantage of the bag is a quick access door that allows you to grab your camera immediately.  The camera sling backpack is compatible with Canon, Nikon and other DSLR cameras and photographic gear.

This light and durable travel bag is suited for bike rides or trips around the city. A nice choice for a nice price.

Please note: the Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack comes without a rainproof cover.

Check the latest pricing details here!

3. Tamrac 5766 Velocity 6x Compact Photo Sling Pack BagTamrac 5766 Velocity 6x Compact Photo Sling Pack Bag

This bag comes for a compact DSLR camera with a zoom lens up to 5″ long. This small camera bag can be successfully used as a camera bag for hiking. Be sure that your camera’s size is sufficient to fit it in the pack.

The bag is small enough to be comfortable to carry. You can carry it as a mini backpack. In addition, it could be slung across your chest and worn at your hip. It is easy to access by sliding the pack around to the front.

The bag looks very nice and compact. It is very light, and the well-padded sling strap makes your walk comfortable.

The pocket in the front  has organizer pockets inside to hold a memory card or not very large accessories, such as a wallet or keys within easy reach.

Please, note, there’s not enough place for storing lenses. However, it’s a great small camera bag for mirrorless cameras.

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