Best Backpack for Girls

These days, backpacks remain a must have for girls, especially for teenage girls who still pursue their studies in college or even high school. While the need to have them could simply be attributed to their wish to look modern, classic and stylish, it should also be noted that almost no girl can do without a good daypack nowadays.

In fact, “best backpacks for girls” is becoming one of the keywords most searched for in Google. Backpacks are more spacious than handbags and thus, they have more room for carrying possessions than them. They can also have modern designs that give their owners a sense of pride and boost their self-esteem, which is important in the company of their peers.

Having a good modern backpack is incredibly convenient and should help anyone  concentrate and focus on what they are doing without experiencing any sudden urge to check if their things are safe or if the bag is properly zipped, or even without spending hours looking for a tiny but an essential item in bigger compartments. That was the case with old bags since they came with no compartments or even side pockets but no more!

Benefits of having the right backpack

image_15-52-29_05850_23-01-2016As a college or university student, you would do good to find a good backpack since organizing your things would help you to make up your mind in your studies, thus, you would be able to concentrate on your studies fully, without any worries of your stuff’s safety.

Those who commute daily will be able to carry most of the items they need in the backpack, including laptops, phones and accessories, books and make-up (like lipstick and lotions) which is rarely left behind by ladies who can be really enthusiastic when it comes to their beauty.

Backpacks are also comfortable to wear for those travelling long distances. Strong straps can sustain substantial weight thus minimizing the probability of sudden parting which would be rather inconvenient during lessons.

Liquids can easily make things messy in an instant, especially when bottle caps loosen and the contents just spill out. This can be quite unpleasant for any lady who cares about her beauty, as fresh orange juice, for instance, can taint a new dress and kill the owner’s mood for the rest of the day. With most of the backpacks being waterproof, that can become a thing of past.


  • 98a18693a15daa2da31b652b5074fbdfWhat to take notice of in a backpack.
  • Side pockets for fast and easy access to essential handy items, like water bottles, on the go. Wide and well-padded shoulder straps for comfort and easing shoulder pains.
  • Adequate separate compartments for easy organizing essentials according to their types and potential uses. The laptop section should be well-compacted, with a tightening strip running through.
  • Small compartments should be reserved for small items such as notebooks and containers with liquids, lunch boxes and the like should be placed into their own compartments.
  • Durability. Inspect the material used thoroughly. Leather bags, though expensive, are most recommended.
  • Design: Choose a bag of your own design preference in case it matches your body shape. You’d like to look classy, would you not?

Top Five Best Backpacks for Girls

1. Kipling Seoul Laptop Backpack

Kipling Seoul Laptop BackpackThis 12 by 18 by 20 inches backpack is a perfect companion for ladies who prefer to carry their laptops around.

Specifically designed for this purpose, it is highly padded. Its compactness would protect your gadgets in case of an accident.

Being relatively smaller in size is an added advantage for portability.

Unlike most packs, the straps are located centrally for even weight distribution and balance.

There also are several side pockets available, which can be used for holding small items ready for easy access and recovery, such as pens, water bottles, and notebooks.

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2. Hot Style Smile-Day Vintage Juniors Backpack (14.5L)

Hot Style Smile-Day Vintage Juniors Backpack (14.5L) - With Internal Padded 14 Inch Laptop SleeveThшы hot-style smile-day backpack comes with an outstanding enticing design.

Though it appears slim and compact, it can actually accommodate a lot of stuff while still retaining its sleek shape. It always remains stylish.

Made of high grade 600 polyester cloth, this product is designed to last and will have no rips or tears anytime soon.

The laptop compartment is well fixed even though it lacks Velcro straps to hold the laptop.

Front pockets are also big, and thus, you keep quite a number of essentials in there.

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3. Rbenxia Unisex Canvas Backpack School Bag College Rucksack

Rbenxia Unisex Canvas Backpack School Bag College Rucksack for Girls Boys StudentsDurability and an extended lifetime are guaranteed for this backpack made of durable canvas. It is a good deal for the dollars you’d spend on purchasing it.

It is quite large and comes with many pockets to keep heavier items. The backpack can be and is generally used as a school bag, for hiking or even for shopping.

The brilliant colors make it dazzling and enticing.

The waterproof lining, absent in most packs, is, indeed, a good bonus. It ensures that spilled liquids won’t ruin your garments and destroy your mood for the whole day.

The adjustable straps also ensure that you stay comfortable with the bag on your back.

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4. OrangeTag Girls’ Casual Style Canvas Backpack

OrangeTag Girls’ Casual Style Canvas Backpack/ Handbag/ SchoolbagOrangeTag Girls Backpack is your ultimate choice if you are looking for a resizable bag that is well compacted and durable.

This stylish pack comes with a phone pocket, which can accommodate an iPad as well, and a certificate pocket.

The extra small nicely sized pockets are also good for keeping items such as notebooks and pencils.

Generally, it’s pretty sturdy and much cheaper compared to other backpacks.

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5. Cute Casual Style Backpack School Bag Tote Handbag Purse

Cute Casual Style Backpack School Bag Tote Handbag Purse, Faux Leather Shoulder Hobo Bag Satchel for GirlsThe Cute Casual Style Backpack is an affordable bag for girls. It looks more trendy than it actually is. Shaped as a handbag, named a backpack, it can be used as both. The shoulder straps are firm and, thanks to them, the bag can be used as a backpack.

It comes with pretty simply-constructed compartments and hence can not hold heavy objects.

It may appear small but it is, in fact, adjustable so as to accommodate more essentials.

The backpack also has a big open space inside which can be used for keeping bulky but non-heavy items such as your lab-coat or your ultralight down hoody jacket if you believe you’d need it later in the evening.

The bag comes in brilliant colors, ranging from white to black, maroon and even brown.

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Bottom line

Your health is important. What to do with your backpack

6270314f4be3913e7314de4812ac03c8While they are pretty cool, backpacks can be cause more damage than you think if used improperly. So the next five tips will help you stay secure while enjoying the comfort and well-spent dollars.

Do not load your backpack over its carrying capacity.

Only carry what you need. That means you may put an umbrella there if you expect rain, but don’t do it if no rain is expected.

Use both straps for even weight distribution and balance.

If the backpack is wheeled, you should make use of that feature on smooth pathways.

Adjust the straps length appropriately to ease the back pains and increase your comfort.

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