Best Baby Carrier 2017 – A Perfect Solution for a Busy Bee Carer

Baby carriers are one of the most desired baby shower gifts these days. A baby carrier is a good gift indeed. It can help you keep your hands free. It will allow you to move wherever you want. It will help to contact your baby every moment while carrying. If you like outside activities or hiking, if you enjoy traveling, a baby carrier is what you need.  Even if you are a home bird, you can do a great many of your home routines using it. You can cook meals, wash the dishes, clean the house, do the laundry and be engaged in other pleasant and necessary housekeeping activities with your little baby. He will keep calm feeling you.

Our guide will help you to find the best baby carrier you need.

Types of Baby Carries

Today, there exist so many baby carriers that one could become confused, although moms have been wearing their babies from ancient times. Baby carrier manufacturers take into account the experience of our great-great-grandparents and, at the same time, do not neglect today’s technologies.


Sling is a piece of cloth that supports an infant from a carer’s body.

The best baby sling carrier could have the form of a wrap, Mei Teis, come with rings or without them. The wrap is made of a stretchy material and looks like a wide elastic scarf. Mei Tais is a Chinese traditional baby carrier. It has a rectangular shape. A pouch sling is a carrier where a baby could sleep in a pouch like in a warm, happy home. A ring sling comes with rings and allows fixing the sling in any way comfortable for you.2017-02-16_110417

By the way, the sling is only half of it. There are many ways how to wear your baby carrier.

Soft-Structured Baby Carrier

A soft-structured baby carrier is made of a soft material. It has wide, well-padded shoulder straps. A carer could carry a baby on the back or to get a front-wearing fit. This baby carrier looks like a small backpack, which could fit only one baby.

Baby Backpack Carrier

This type of carrier is a perfect on-the-go option for moms. These backpacks are sturdy. As a rule, such heavy-duty baby backpacks come with an aluminum frame and have a lot of space not just for a kid, but for clothes or other belongings, too. Some models have so many elements for the kid’s protection that they look like a car seat.

 How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier

Well, a car seat or a stroller are essential things, indeed. But they cannot give you a feeling of closeness. Baby carriers can. Let’s draw our attention to some important features. 2017-02-15_191021

Baby’s Safety and Mom’s Health

This is the main point. The material of the carrier should be strong. All stitches, rings are to be done well. The baby carrier should support the baby securely. The carrier should be comfortable to wear. Its ergonomic design should not hurt the carer’s neck, shoulders, and back. Use the best baby carrier with back support to prevent back pain.

And, of course, the baby’s comfort is a guarantee of the mom’s tranquility and cannot be discounted.


Easy to carry. Surely, a light baby carrier is a perfect option. It allows carrying a baby with ease. But the bigger a baby, the heavier is a carrier.

Easy to take on. Very often a baby carrier is taken on without assistance and with one hand mostly. So, choose a baby carrier, if it should not take you a lot of time to take on and put your baby inside.

Easy to clean. A baby carrier should be easy to clean. Therefore, machine washable carriers are preferable.


Consult your newborn’s doctor before using a baby carrier. Some carriers are meant for babies who can sit already, other models are meant for toddlers. Very young kids like to feel their moms, so draw your attention to those models that allow wearing your baby face to face. Look at your baby frequently to make sure that his face is not pressed against the cloth and he can breathe easily. A newborn doesn’t need to watch what is going around him. But if you’ve got an older kid, choose the best forward facing baby carrier for him. He will not get bored during transportation.

Top 5 Best Baby Carrier Backpacks 2017

1. Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier by ClevrBaby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier by Clevr

Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier is a perfect option for parents who like outdoor recreation. From now on, you can take your kid with you and enjoy hiking, camping or long distance walking.

This baby carrier is very strong thanks to its aluminum frame. The backpack child carrier is made of a six-hundred denier oxford cloth. The backpack has two side pockets, where bottles of water or a thermos of tea could be placed.

The baby carrier can accommodate babies from six months to four years old. It is easy to adjust.

It comes with removable canopy, which will protect the kid from drops. The straps are well-padded so that the baby could be transported with comfort. The shoulder and waist straps for the carer are well-padded, too. Their design helps to carry the backpack child carrier without getting a back pain.

There is a big compartment under the backpack for the baby’s warm cloth or other necessary things.

Moreover, it comes with a kickstand and could be settled on the table.

This baby carrier can be named the best backpack carrier for outdoorsmen.

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2. Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier GreyErgobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey

This baby carrier is very convenient for both the carer and the baby.

Ergobaby has designed a soft structured carrier. This brand offers ergonomic baby carriers with maximum comfort for kids. At the same time, their baby carriers are ergonomically designed for minimizing the carer’s neck and back pain.

This model allows the kid to sit in different ways. Thanks to this carrier, you will have an opportunity to carry your kid on the back, on the hip, face-to-face, and back-to-face.

The carrier is made of cotton and could be washed in a washing machine.

A waistband has a wide Velcro and allows to put the carrier on and to take it off easily.

An extendable panel on the back helps to provide additional head and neck support for the kid.

It is very comfortable to wear Ergobaby carrier thanks to the wide and well-padded shoulder straps.

One pleasant bonus: this baby carrier comes with a sleeping hood. It will support the kid’s head while he’s sleeping and will protect him from the sun.

It is one of the best baby carriers, without an exaggeration.

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3. Deuter Kid Comfort II Child CarrierDeuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

An awesome backpack. The best hiking baby carrier, indeed.

This carrier will make hiking unforgettable for you and your kid. It is very stylish and sporty. Deuter is a brand that improves its products to provide customers with a high-level security and protection.

This baby carrier for hiking is made of Deuter Super Polytex. This material is dense, lightweight and water-resistant.

The child seat and footrests are adjustable, so you can set them at the desired position. The chin pad is rather soft and ergonomic. By the way, it is washable. The seat frame is sturdy and covered with a padded material for the better comfort of your kid.

This model doesn’t come with a rain cover.

The bottom compartment is spacious. Plenty of pockets could accommodate the baby’s belongings and numerous necessary things for a long-distance walking. The kickstand is durable and steady. There are two grab handles.

The blue and red colors are at your disposal.

A pleasant bonus: this baby carrier backpack comes with a teddy bear.

It is, without an exaggeration, the best baby carrier for a hiking dad. Not just because of a teddy bear, but it is well deserved.

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4. SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbabySIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby

This product is made of a breathable cotton. This child carrier is designed for both newborn babies and toddlers. The baby seat is adjustable and soft. A carer could fit a baby in six different positions. There is a sleeping hood, which will allow the baby to sleep with maximum comfort and will protect him from the sunbeams.

The shoulder straps are well-padded for greater convenience while carrying.

The carrier has an ergonomic design. The lumbar support and neck support help to carry your newborn for many hours without getting a back pain or a neck pain. Moreover, there is a wide belt, which could be fixed around your waist and support it from overpressure.

There is a front zippered pocket to store your belongings.

By the way, the carrier is meant to be put in front of the carer or on their back.

This model has a panel, which can control the temperature. A carer could zip it up with ease when it is warm and zip it down when it is cold. Therefore, the weather cannot be an obstacle to your outdoor pastimes anymore.

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5. Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby CarrierBaby Ktan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is made of breathable, stretchable cotton. The carrier can be used with a newborn. It looks like a wrap, but it is not just a wrap. It is a cross between a wrap, carrier, and sling.

Baby K’tan patented double-loop design, which allows to fix a carrier without wasting time. You can use it until you newborn becomes a toddler.

The baby carrier is very lightweight and could be rolled up when necessary. It is machine-washable and could become dry very quickly.

A carer will like to put it on because it is not a challenging and time-consuming task.

This baby carrier is a perfect option for premature newborn babies. They will feel contact, which is a vital necessity for them, indeed.

The manufacturer draws their attention to the fact that the skin of a newborn baby is rather tender. Therefore, they try their best to avoid coarse texture, buckles, zippers, rings and other items that could become a reason for baby’s skin failures.

This baby carrier could be called the best baby carrier for a newborn.

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